Solar milling plants a failed project – PF MP

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Milanzi Patriotic Front (PF) Member of Parliament Whiteson Banda has described the solar milling plant project as a failed venture, reports Breeze FM.

And residents of Kandiyo village in Milanzi Constituency of Katete district have described the solar milling plant installed in the area as a “white elephant”.

Mumba Banda told Breeze FM News that the solar milling plant that was installed a year ago is laying idle.

Banda says government was supposed to channel the money used on the plant to other developmental projects such as construction of roads.

He adds that people walk a long distance to grind their mealie-meal at Kagoro area when they have a milling plant that is laying idle in the area.

Meanwhile, Milanzi Member of Parliament Whiteson Banda says the project is a failed scheme, because many of the plants installed in his area are not operational.

Banda says government should come up with a solution in ensuring that the solar milling plants are functional.

Source: Breeze FM


2 Responses to Solar milling plants a failed project – PF MP

  1. PF once they hear world solar thinks it solves all problems related to power. Solar technology is not fully developed and requires proper maintenance with trained technicians to support such ventures.

    February 15, 2019 at 4:12 pm

  2. I saw this failure coming from the word go. When architects of this solar project started saying the mills were designed to reduce the cost of mealie meal in outlaying areas, my mind was taken back to the idea of Pork Processing Plant in Chipata, Eastern Province, in the 1980s. That Pork Processing Plant was meant to process pork from pigs in Eastern Province because of the endemic incidence of swine fever in the Province. So, the idea was that instead of allowing unprocessed and diseased pork products to enter other parts of the country processed pork will solve this problem.However, although the plant was set up, it was nevertheless not commissioned, and so did not see the light of day.

    Here was the reason why this Pork Processing idea failed:The pigs the authorities based their decision on were those village pigs dotted in villages. In Eastern Province there were no commercial farmers rearing pigs to support the processing plant. So, this was a failed project even before it could be commissioned, in fact, it was never commissioned after the authorities woke up from their collective slumber and realised that it could not work.

    Coming to these solar mills, again, if the idea was to make mealie meal cheaper in the catchment areas, the problem is that villagers do not buy mealie meal. What they do is they take small quantities of maize (a few tins) to small milling plants closer to their villages and have their maize milled there at very low cost. Sometimes they mill their maize to last them three or more months at a time. So, where were those solar mills going to get the maize from and to whom were they going to sell the so-called cheap mealie meal? Indeed, this is where failure came from.

    February 17, 2019 at 3:02 pm

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