Social Media and Children

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By Tilyenji Mwanza

So yesterday I was taken aback when I received a friend request on Facebook from my man, that is my boy, my son.
I hesitantly accepted it and then when I got home I asked him why he wanted to be on Facebook.
He told me he wanted to play the quiz game I have been playing.
So I opted not to use an antagonistic approach to get him off the site because even though I couldn’t immediately think of reasons why he should not be on Facebook I just knew inside me that he should not be on the social site.

So I accepted his request and observed him virtually and physically… Quickly I noticed he sent a friend request to his father and what looked like his father’s relatives.
I asked him how come he had only sent requests to his dad and daddy’s people his response though basic actually dropped a tear on my cheek.

G said through FB, he will get to play quiz with daddy and also see daddy.

Anyway, so I knew I needed to be very careful and tactful with how I get him off Facebook.

I let him play the quiz game and he enjoyed it, I played with him and we had fun making it hard for me to tell him that I was going to delete his account.

So a few minutes ago I called him to my room and Mummy managed to research better quiz games he could play that this time were even in nsync with his knowledge.
I explained to him that these games he could play and win as well as keep score. I then told him ‘WE’ have to delete his Facebook account because he can control himself but as he observed he can not control what others put on Facebook. I told him the images shared sometimes are in appropriate and even people who do not know him may begin to send him messages, calls even video calls that would make him vulnerable to them for even possible kidnap.

I asked him why he thinks we have a password on TV for movies of 16… And he told me because children should not see somethings. So I told him, ‘yes exactly…’
You have a TV and Mummy can control it, but Facebook I can not control it.
At this point in time we agreed to delete the account and when we feel he is age appropriate we will recreate it.

Life of a single Mummy 
I will say this again, colleagues do not rush into marriages and end up divorcing also do not rush into bearing children out of wedlock. I know especially us single Mums we make it look rosey and like we are having fun trust me it’s not. It is a lot of work.
Raising children is a lot of work, yes it is fun but it is a lot of work and only easier if you can have someone to hold your as you do it.



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