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Slapdee’s Social Media Symphony: The Countdown to Joining Zambia’s Rap Elite”

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In the vibrant world of Zambian rap, a thrilling race is unfolding as Slapdee, the witty wordsmith, closes in on joining the elusive club of rappers with a million Facebook followers, reports Zambian Eye Correspondent.

The current members of this exclusive crew, Chef 187 and Macky 2, better watch out – Slapdee’s online popularity is skyrocketing and he’s only a few clicks away from reaching the pinnacle of social media success!

Fans are captivated by the talented artist’s unique style and infectious charisma, as evident in the success of his BW3 album, boasting over 10 million streams on Boomplay. With just 6,000 followers shy of hitting that magical million milestone, Slapdee’s rise to the top is nothing short of a digital fairy tale.

As Chef 187 and Macky 2 enjoy their reign as social media superstars, Slapdee’s digital drumroll is getting louder by the day. Will his ever-growing online presence earn him a spot among Zambia’s rap royalty?

As Slapdee continues to enchant fans with his music and humor, it’s . Keep your eyes fixed on that ‘Follow’ button.

Picture credit: Slapdee Facebook page.

Zambian Eye, 26th March 2024.


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