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Signs that you are in an emotional abusive Relationship

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We often hear the stories about physical violence in relationship. Of course physical violence is awful, but there are things that most people keep silent about. It’s emotional violence in relationship. The problem lies way deeper that you may think. Most of us not only keep silent about being emotionally abused, but try not to notice it. As a result, we are dating with abusive people, lying to ourselves that everything is going just fine. So, in order to avoid messing with the wrong person, check out the list of signs of an emotional abusive relationships.


Does your partner humiliate you? Does your partner criticizes you or your actions, tastes or interest constantly? Does your partner criticizes you publicly? Well, this is the first sign that you are in emotional abusive relationships. According to The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, humiliation equals mental violence. If your partner humiliates you, you should break up as soon as possible. This should work for you as a red flag, as humiliation is the major sign that your partner aims at mistreating you, especially in front of others.

Sharing Sensitive Information About You

It is normal for us to share our secrets and some sensitive information about us with our partners. We may tell our partners that we are afraid of our age or that we are dissatisfied with our weight. And it is quite okay, as if you can’t trust your partner, whom can you trust? When, all of a sudden, you hear you friends talking about your fears and problems that you’ve shared only with your partner, beware. This is another major sign of emotional abusive relationship. It means that your partner is ready to use anything you’ve told him or her against you.

Ending The Conversations Abruptly

If you are in normal relationship, your conversations must end on mutual agreement, as both parties seek the mutual understanding. In case when your partner ends the conversation when he or she loses interest in it, it could be a sign that you’re in emotional abusive relationship. When you have an argument, mind that abuser always tries to prevent his opponent from speaking.

Isolating You From Friends and Family

Have you got the feeling that your partner tries to limit your time with friends and family? Well, congratulations! You are in emotional abusive relationship! Mind that abuser doesn’t want any interference from the outside, as the third party may start questioning his controlling you. This type of controlling behavior is the typical case of emotional abuse.

Forcing You To Prove Your Love

Your partner has constant mood swings? Your partner constantly blaming you for not loving him or her enough and forces you to prove it? This is another case of emotional abusive relationship. Partner trust each other and they don’t demand proving your love.

You Ask The Permission To Leave The House

You must tell your partner where are you going before leaving the house? Well, congratulations once again! You are not only in emotional abusive relationship. You are in emotional abusive relationship that had gone really far. Thanks to our friends from Jump4love for providing this article.


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