Siavonga DC threatens to revoke licenses for mealie meal Traders

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Outspoken District Commissioner for Siavonga Lovemore Kanyama has threatened to close down and revoke trading licences of Traders selling mealie meal at K125.

Lovemore Kanyama

Radio Chikuni reports that the outspoken DC has ordered that Mealie meal traders in Siavonga district selling a 25 kg bag of breakfast at K125.00 must immediately stop and reduce the price or risk being visited by the laws.

Mr. Kanyama says he has been informed that in some parts of the district 7 – 10 km away from town mealie meal prices are going at around K125.

He says traders exploiting the people by pushing the price up will be visited and risk their shops being closed and their trading licenses revoked.

Mr. Kanyama has advised traders not to take advantage of the hunger that has hit the district to exploit the members of the community.

He has advised Siavonga town council and police to work with his office in making sure individuals who have pushed the mealie meal to prices of more than K110 to have their trading permits revoked and shops closed.

And Mr. Kanyama has urged people to go for the Food Reserve Agency (FRA )maize being sold in the district which is being sold at K110.


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Start: 2019-07-01 End: 2019-07-31