Shut up PF, true patriots sacrifice for the country

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Patriotism means love of country and willingness to sacrifice for it. The PF government has created a narrative of calling all their critics unpatriotic. But does PF’s conduct and decision making pass the patriotism test? We can give them the benefit of doubt on their love for country, but what sacrifices have they ever made? If they can increase their salary after announcing austerity measures are they capable of sacrificing for the country? If they can refuse to refund illegal ministerial salaries can they sacrifice of Zambia? If they can buy unnecessary jets a the expense of funding 5 – 6 ministries, aren’t the poor Zambian’s the ones sacrificing for their luxury? So as PF point at a spake of lack of patriotism in their critics’ eyes, it is clear they have logs in their own eyes.

They say a mother flogs a child out of love. And a lot of Zambian are speaking out against PF without having any interest in government jobs or contracts but out of love for country. PF have the deluded idea that their critics are merely jealous of their corruptly gained wealth or are merely interested in power. Even people who have invested heavily in this country are being accused of sabotaging the economy which is a foolish thing for a business man to do. This is a conduct of natural failures with genes of theft and deciept running in their blood. PF have no guts to take responsibility because they are incapable to finding solutions let alone implementing them even when given to them for free.

To say corruption in our country is rife, to show concern of our economy and to call out the injustice is a show of love and not betrayal. There is only one simple constructive criticism to the PF, STOP IT. Stop stealing, stop killing, stop assaulting, stop rigging, stop pilfering, stop corrupting, stop insulting, stop boozing, stop it, stop it, stop it.

Zambia is not short of solutions, policies or capable technocrats. We are just short of competent leadership and political will in the current PF. PF should be the last people to preach about patriotism. If they look at themselves in the mirror they will see a government that abuses citizens, priorities china’s interests, lies to its people and has placed a huge debt burden on all of our children. Are these the patriots we should defend. The PF government are not Patriots, they are just mere Parrots. They immitate policies without clear goals.

Richard W


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