Should women stay a day longer in abusive relationships?

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By Sylvester Munanjala

Gender Based Violence (GBV) happen to both men and women alike, however, most ladies who find themselves with abusive partners usually hang on in it for too long, this makes their partners take advantage and increase the torture with time.

Abuse can be physical (beating), emotional (insulting and use of bad language to downgrade the other) or sexual (forcing himself on you when you don’t want to have sex).

In most cases, ladies notice the toxic traits from the get-go but think they are smart like that, all in the name of love, for social status, for monetary gains or for fear of what society will say, they endure the pain hoping he’ll someday change when he himself doesn’t see the need to change.

Ladies if he hits you physically, report to the police & end the relationship for good. Don’t stay in it or keep quiet about it, you’ll just be hit again & again.

If he insults you don’t smile & say that’s how men are, confront him about it, inform yours and his family because you also deserve to be respected as lady.

That change you’re waiting for won’t come! So don’t care what society will say, rescue your mental & physical health while there’s still time.

GBV is a crime and it can happen to both men and women, but some victims play a role in allowing it to continue by staying quiet after the first GBV incident. Gone are the days of shipikisha club, report all GBV cases to the police and GBV One Stop Center!

*Sylvester Munanjala is a Psychotherapist, GBV Activist, Youth Advocate at St. Francis Mission Hospital in Katete


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