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Shawi Fawazi, his mercenaries and the Kalengwa Mine saga

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Fawaz with President Edgar Lungu

Fawaz with President Edgar Lungu

Dear editor,

Thank you as always, for helping society by giving uheard voices of truth a voice aimed at correcting the wrongs of society. We believe that if right remains silent, then wrongs will be heard most and the world will be defeated by wrongs. Please publish the article below. It is rather long but we think the whole truth must be read and heard and those genuinely with a heart for this country will act on the truth.
Shawi Fawazi, his ruthless mercenaries and the Kalengwa Mine Saga…..The prize and peril of Political belonging
They say Politics spoils everything. But again they say politics is everything; that is everything good and also everything bad. When the rule of law in a nation is disintegrating, and political spite takes the upper hand, the right to belong to a political party of choice becomes more of a curse than a blessing especially when one belongs to the opposition Party. Those who belong to the opposition Party and want to legally do business will find it hard to thrive. When politics marries corruption, the offspring is greed and disrespect.  He who gives the best or does best to and for the party in power no matter how corrupt or condemned they are becomes well off and temporarily secure. That is Africa and indeed the African curse. Zambia must take the lead in breaking away from this scourge.
It is common knowledge that the Kalengwa mine issue is going under a spate of politicization and the positive impact of the impartial decisions of the Courts all in favor of Euro Africa Kalengwa Mine Ltd against Hetro Mining and Lunga Resources all of Shawi Fawazi’s companies (Four (4) judgments in a row-which we will begin to publish here and in other media) is now being upset by the blast of Political ill will and the legal operationalisation of the mine is being deliberately delayed.
Stephen Masumba, Richard Taima, Dawson Kafwaya, Fabian Mumba, and Ephraim Mateyo among other North Westerners (to mention a few for now and not to say there are no other culprits from other regions i.e. the likes of Wilbur Simuusa, Chishimba Kambwili, Chalwe Mchenga etc) are some individuals that have gone to bed with the cruel, corrupt and stained Shawi Fawazi. This known foreign criminal has wittingly cast a wider net of his corruption across individuals and institutions (i.e. Ministry of Lands, Justice, Mines (cadastre included), Zambia Police, the Courts to mention but a few and he commands a gang of deceitful mercenaries spearheading corruption , spreading terror and twisting the arm of justice.  Some of these mercenaries are close to the Presidency and some are violent gangs called Jerabos. These mercenaries also play the role of ‘planted watchmen’ in various places sensitive to Shawi to spy, alert and feed him information in a bid to advance his shady dealings.
These mercenaries of evil and their master Shawi Fawazi know how to exploit the vulnerability of need and Poverty to get what they want because they use ill-gotten wealth to fill that vulnerability. And when people are weakened by poverty and inundated by needs they become desperate for money, and power etc, and they surrender their sense of truthfulness and unity of purpose and accept to be blinded and divided by bribes. But they forget the consequences
Shawi Fawazi and his mercenaries are always ready to hoodwink, humiliate, and hack; they know how to climb to the highest corridor of power and decision making with a touch of dirty money, flattery and malice and make those in the corridors of power think away from what is right and just. They know how to hide in the name of politics and commit breaches. These hired mercenaries unashamedly promote their master Shawi Fawazi; no matter how much of a sham and scrap he is, as long as he can fill their pockets and raise funds in the name of donating to the Party and for campaigns.  Isn’t it ironic that shawi Fawazi always wants to associate himself with the ruling elite to cover up his evil deeds?
Shawi Fawazi has built buildings and bankrolled most of these named individuals from his filthy possessions. Yet these people who are receiving Shawi Fawazi’s inducements have their conscience closed to how much terror this criminal has been committing among the local people of Mufumbwe in realizing these monies, and how his ways of raising these monies stink with lawlessness. One wonders why this moron is being condoned and his illegality protected. The truth though is that Shawi Fawazi is a foreign non-entity who must scare no single person that knows their legal right. He Shawi Fawazi must be treated with the contempt he deserves.
In the meantime, Shawi Fawazi and his mercenaries work themselves out to frustrate efforts aimed at a chance of a lifetime that will benefit thousands of people through a Kalengwa Mine that is run legally by the owners. They forget that a cleanly run Kalengwa mine will raise money for Government through taxes, create employment for the locals, and foster development for the Province. And the people of Mufumbwe will be grateful that there is development. Nonetheless these desperate mercenaries especially those with close ties to the ruling elite or with seats of authority or with intentions best known to them see the advancement of Kalengwa Mine as an obstruction to their personal political fortunes. That’s how selfish they are. Their interests are their deep insatiable appetites of greed and quick personal aggrandizement. In essence, they are actually indirectly de-campaigning the Ruling party because the people of Mufumbwe are angry and will definitely misconstrue and direct their anger at the Government and the President as blocking the operations at Kalengwa Mine when the highest Court in the Land has cleared the way. It is this state of affairs that has saddened Chief Chizera of Mufumbwe who is keen to see the Mine open but who is not keen to see his people’s anger spilled at Government when it is actually a few selfish, corrupt and visionless individuals’ indecent acts that are brewing confusion over Kalengwa Mine.
Euro Africa Kalengwa Mine Ltd, the rightful owner of Kalengwa Mine has many Shareholders who are also Directors in the company. Kalengwa Mine is not entirely owned by one man, who belongs to a named opposition political party, as is purportedly amplified. Records are there at PACRA to clearly endorse this fact. And it is just right to state that some of these Directors belong to the Ruling Party and have been loyal supporters. It is a democratic society where the right of choice comes to play and must be respected. But then we ask? Shall this one man’s political fit-in put on ice transactions aimed at unleashing Kalengwa into development gear? Shall this one man’s political belonging cause the other innocent directors and thousands of people to suffer? Not at all, in a land where politics are not polluted by the African curse, that must definitely not be so!!!
Shawi Fawazi and his horde of ineffectual and gluttonous pones named above use the right to belong to a party of choice as a lee way and reason to disturb Kalengwa Mine operations by the owners’. They stand on hill tops shouting that Kalengwa Mine will raise money for the opposition. Honestly, money can never stop the will of the people because it is deeds and not dumps of money that convinces the people and wins an election. Michael Chilufya Sata (MHSRIP) won an election against a regime that was excessive in both money and material. Let the President and those in decision making, we believe do not have a conscious stained by corruption, be bold enough to seek the truth and serve the course of justice in the Kalengwa mine issue without fear or favor.
Alas, Northwestern Province will continue to wallow in abject poverty and underdevelopment with the childish, selfish, greed, and wanton likes of Stephen Masumba, Richard Taima, Fabian Mumba, and Dawson Kafwaya etc who are more interested in their pocket than the packet of laws that uphold and ensure justice; who dare not see beyond their nose that their Province and its people are more important than the partisan chorus of the election song to which they greedily want to dance. Their support for the Ruling Party cannot be entirely relied upon because it is not out of uttermost loyalty and honesty but merely out of fear and personal survival. They fear a break from the Ruling Party will expose them to persecution for their encumbered pasts. Most of these contemptible men will do anything illegal (including falsifying credentials); they will ignore important decisions of the Courts; they will look for any loop hole in the law to perpetrate and perpetuate their deviousness and exalt their ego; they will say anything; they will go to any length to disregard the laws of the land and disrespect even their own chiefs. What a Shame!
If President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has not been hoodwinked by the Shawi Fawazi bunch of hooligans and malicious messengers, and is not working together with Shawi Fawazi, he will not shut his conscious tight but will listen to the voice of justice. He will allow justice and the rule of law to freely flourish in the Kalengwa Mine matter. He will respect the Courts of the Land. He will not shut out those who want to access him to urge him to stand firm against those who want to break the law and entrench criminality as their pride and provider.
Mark our words, this land called Zambia will never accommodate those whose strides are blemished with wild schemes of selfishness and greed and those who unjustly want to hijack or take away from the rightful owners the Kalengwa Mine. They should be scared of their shadows.
For far too long, the Courts have been the only recourse for the Kalengwa Mine owners and the confidence in the Courts must remain resolute and not be eroded for there are a few men and women of honor out there in the Courts, the Zambia Police and other spheres of society who will not buy into the fraud of Shawi Fawazi, the foreigner and his mischievous army.
For far too long, Shawi Fawazi was allowed to illegally extract, transport and sell Copper from Kalengwa freely without any obstruction from anyone simply because he was oiling the pockets of his mercenaries from his illegal transactions. Now that the highest Court in the land-the Supreme Court has given back the mine to the rightful owners Euro Africa Kalengwa Mine Ltd, let them run their mine freely as and when they want without disturbance.
We know Kalengwa Mine is very rich and there are countless vultures of jealousy hovering for a chance to render a misplaced strike. Nonetheless, let there be no worthless and calculated confusions and scuffles hatched and magnified for a pretext to grab the mine. The owners will run the mine magnanimously and it will benefit many. The Courts have ruled. Leave Kalengwa Mine alone and leave it to the owners Euro Africa Kalengwa Mine Ltd.
However, we think peace remains a distance away when people devise schemes openly in favor of crooked foreigners to mutilate justice against their own straight nationals; when people will use politics to deface legality just to promote their selfish agendas. We are watching!!!
Concerned Citizens



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