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Shaping the future of banking in Africa

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Last year, the World Economic Forum called Africa the “world leader” in digital and mobile banking. There’s no doubt that banking in Africa has undergone significant changes in the last few years and that it will continue to change and grow in the coming years.

How can business leaders prepare for this? How has the landscape shifted? And, most importantly, what opportunities does this create?

The Banking on the Future with EFT Corporation Conference, taking place from 13 to 15 May 2024 in Victoria Falls, will bring together C-suite executives from more than 70 of Africa’s premier banks to address these pivotal conversations. Attendees can anticipate indispensable insights from keynote speakers as well as valuable networking opportunities.

As a leader in the digital payment ecosystem, EFT Corporation (EFTCorp) aims to provide a comprehensive exploration of the digital banking landscape in Africa and the transformative potential it holds for businesses and communities alike at this event.

Carefully curated expertise

With its headquarters in Mauritius and regional offices in Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Zambia, EFTCorp is uniquely positioned to navigate Africa’s dynamic market landscape and to provide its current and future customers with opportunities to do so too at the Banking on the Future Conference.

The event will host several industry leaders in one space, with opportunities for attendees to network and see how they can make the best of the vast digital opportunities in Africa while contributing to the continent’s emerging markets.


The conference will cover a range of critical topics shaping the digital banking landscape in Africa. It will delve into the growing fintech ecosystem and the ongoing digital transformation sweeping the continent, exploring its impact on financial services.

Here’s what attendees can look forward to:

  • A keynote presentation by Prof Adrian Saville, Professor of Economics Finance and Strategy at GIBS and an expert in economic performance and markets. He is a well-known and experienced presenter to global audiences and receiver of the Excellence in Teaching Award at GIBS on ten occasions.
  • Fascinating presentations by industry experts from PWC, Simon-Kucher, Mastercard, Diamond Trust Bank, Ukheshe, Stratus, Thales, ACI, and Visa will delve into various aspects of the banking landscape, including:
  • An introduction to the growth of digital banking in Africa, with further exploration and discussion on how this can enable businesses, improve customer experiences, and increase revenue.
  • Opportunities to establish or renew relationships with other players in the African banking ecosystem and finding ways to strategically support one another within regions.
  • A look into helpful case studies, such as one bank’s journey towards digital transformation, offering insights into successful strategies as well as the challenges it faced, and lessons learned.
  • Discovering ways to drive financial inclusion across Africa and in emerging markets, with the aim to bank the unbanked.
  • Examining the pivotal role of youth in driving the growth of micro-enterprises and fostering economic empowerment.


Innovation catalyst

Stephen Enderby, CEO of EFTCorp, says the event will help shape the future of digital banking across Africa. “We believe this conference will provide extraordinary opportunities not only for our current clients, but to anyone interested in the digital banking sphere in Africa now and into the future. To truly make it an event to remember, attendees will be able to take advantage of everything on offer in a relaxed and luxurious setting, creating the perfect atmosphere to network and find creative ways to move forward in this space.”

Carlin Wicomb, Chief Commercial Officer of EFTCorp, says the company is committed to driving digital transformation for each of its valued customers, and this event is just one of the ways it’s doing so. “EFTCorp is Africa’s foremost PCI-compliant payment solutions provider, delivering unparalleled payment architectures and solutions as well as expert consultancy and service, backed by strategic partnerships and industry-leading resources.”

This event will not only allow us to share these expertise with all attendees but also ensure we can offer even better-tailored strategies that empower our customers’ journeys towards digital transformation. At EFTCorp, “We’re banking on the future. Are you?”


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