Sesheke: Police detain six PF, two UPND cadres

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Police have detained eight people suspected to have perpetrated election violence this morning in Sesheke, in what is proving to be one of the most violent by-elections since the reintroduction of Multiparty democracy.

According to police spokesperson Esther Katongo, the eight comprise six ruling Patriotic Front (PF) cadres and two United Party for National Development (UPND) cadres.

“At about 07:30 hours today, 12th February, 2019, there was a confrontation between supporters of the Patriotic Front and UPND in Sesheke. This was after a suspected UPND supporter was allegedly found with a voter register by some suspected PF cadres who later apprehended him and took him to Sesheke Police Station,” Katongo said.

She narrates that when word went round that a UPND cadre had been dragged to the Police, a group of his colleagues went to the police station with a view of rescuing their colleague who had been dragged to Police and that was when the two camps, the PF and UPND clashed right at the Police Station and confusion ensued.

“Police moved in to disperse the unruly cadres from both UPND and PF and in the process, some PF cadres dashed to Sesheke Council Guest house where they were pursued by Police.”

And Katongo says the police command in Western Province has instituted investigations to establish what could have transpired at the Council Guest house between Police and the cadres.

She adds that two suspected UPND cadres have been apprehended and detained for being in possession of offensive weapons (machetes) while six suspected PF cadres sustained injuries and are admitted to Sesheke District Hospital.


2 Responses to Sesheke: Police detain six PF, two UPND cadres

  1. Surely is this the country we call our motherland where political intolerance is an excuse to hack each other? My heart bleed with pain for where we are going as a nation. Strong, energetic youths are being encouraged by political party leadership to fight each other while they (party presidents and leadership) are relaxing in their luxurious homes sipping whatever makes their minds and bodies happy and their children playing video games or shopping in plush malls. Cry my not so beloved country.

    February 12, 2019 at 4:18 pm

  2. people who cause violence and killings of others people due to different political views they are dull primitives,how can you fight for your friends whom you are not going to benefit from…..BA Zambia let’s respect ourselves umuntu mulelwila he will never remove you from your suffering ukalaculafye nobupuba bobe untill death …fight for your life not umuntu who will never satisfy your what’s not your needs,,ifyakulwila pa ma politics bubwafye,

    February 12, 2019 at 8:35 pm

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