Sesheke by-election violence is as a result of PF and UPND ferrying cadres from Lusaka – MMD youth

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Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) National Youth Treasurer Geoffrey Mulenga has observed that the only solution to curbing political violence during election campaigns is to stop ferrying cadres from Lusaka.
The MMD youth leader who featured on radio Phoenix with youths from PF and UPND, said political parties should came up with a policy and rule that prohibits cadres who are in lower structures of the party from traveling to campaign away from their districts.
He attributed the recent violence experienced in the just ended Sesheke by-election as well as Lundazi local government by-election to the cadres who travelled from the respective places to campaign in the said areas.
He said when leaders stopped ferrying cadres political violence will drastically reduce as the people who belong to different political parties in these places know each other as they reside in the communities.
Further Mulenga said the UPND should stop being cry babies as violence is also in their DNA.
“UPND should stop being crybabies, their DNA is that of violence, even when there was MMD they fought us in Mufumbwe and Mapatizya. Where was PF which they are talking about today, they fought MMD and now PF and they will still fight the next party that will form government.
“Why should people(Cadres) travel from Lusaka or Kitwe to a By-election, when all the participating political parties have structures domiciled in these areas like in the case of Sesheke PF or UPND or MMD have structure beginning from the section, branch, ward, constituency, district and province. Those structures are the ones that should be campaigning, why ferry people to a place where people live in harmony,” he said.
And UPND Lusaka Province Youth  Treasurer Sampa Mwaume said the UPND youths miss MMD, because during MMD in the Levy Mwanawasa era there was no violence but a respect for the rule of law including the same Public Order Act the PF are abusing.
He said the country never witnessed such things during rule of the late Republican President because he put his foot down and never allowed cadres to take the law in their own hands.
PF youth from the media committee, Nkamba said the rivalry among youths is because the UPND leader denounced the UPND-PF Peace Accord signed by their national youth leaders.
He said the signal by the opposition leader has badly influenced youths saying what message was he sending to his cadres by denouncing the peace accord.
He added that violence should have no place in political parties and the country at large.

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