Sensitise the public on best uses of social media, Finish Envoy advises Govt

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Finnish Ambassador to Zambia Timo Olkkonen has advised government to sensitise the public on how best to use social media before enacting laws that will regulate the use of cyberspace.

In an interview with Phoenix News, Ambassador Olkkonen said Zambia should double efforts aimed at rebuilding its international image with regards to upholding human rights especially on the shrinking space of media in the country.

Olkkonen has cautioned that overregulation of the cyberspace will have detrimental effects on the country’s vision of becoming a middle income country by 2030.

He says taking harsh measures on cyberspace has the potential to dent the country’s image.

“There has been more of a negative trend…for example the issue of media freedom where the Reporters Without Borders are reporting Zambia as a country where the media is not free…of course that is an issue of concern,” Olkkonen said.

“Also, we have had reports about the harassment of journalists in the course of their job. That’s an issue of concern. Of course I do hope that there will be positive steps taken going forward…and I hope also that with regards social media there won’t be need for taking any draconian measures. When you look at social media as a whole, I think it should be regarded as more of a positive force and too much control obviously will create more harm than necessary. It will also not be good for Zambia’s image abroad.”

The Zambian government has been preparing a piece of legislation aimed at regulating the use of social media.

A fortnight ago, the Zambia Information and Communication Technology Authority (ZICTA) caused public uproar when it’s director of support services Mofya Chisala announced on a live television program that the authority will introduce a law requiring administrators of social media groups to register with it.



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  1. They promised freedom of information law but now they are more keen on law to regulate social media.

    June 16, 2018 at 7:55 am

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