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Secretary to Cabinet must clear speculations on power handover to Kabimba – ABZ

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The Opposition Alliance for Better Zambia ABZ National Chairman Dexter Zemba Moono has challenged the PF Government and Secretary to the Cabinet Roland Msiska to clear out the ongoing speculations that the instrument of power was not properly handed over by Republican President Michael Sata before he left for Israel.

Speaking in an interview with SKY FM News in Choma today the ABZ National Chairman disclosed that there is need for the PF Government and Mr. Msiska to clearly state and show the public that the instrument of power was not erroneously acquired by the Acting President and curtail any speculations by the public.

He disclosed that the PF Government and Mr Msiska needs to provide tangible evidence to the public that the instrument of power were officially and handed over in the way the laws and regulations of our land demands

Moono disclosed that one thing that the PF Government has failed to show in the time they have been in office is the issue of transparency charging that every time something happens it’s the people who would remind them to tell them instead of the Government putting on records issues at hand first

He wondered as why the PF Government was always being questioned to explain on certain matters by citizens first like the PF Government did not know what they were doing.

Moono said that there is need for the public to know that their Acting President was legitimately left in that position.

He disclosed that in a civilized democracy the Secretary to the Cabinet will put up a gazette notice or an instrument for public scrutiny in the Government gazette so that the public is aware who actually has the authority passed to by the President.

Mr. Moono also challenged Members of Parliament to demand for proof indicating whether indeed the president indeed left the instrument of power with Mr. Kabimba.

The ABZ National Chairman was commenting on speculations by some sectors of the media that the president did not properly hand over the instrument of power to Mr. Kabimba.


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