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School curriculum should incorperate life skills

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Education system has played a major role in turning people to thinking employment is the only way for one to succeed.

The system should concentrate on letting people know that education itself just help people to be trainable and encourage to harness their practical skills.

There are people who are good at composing music but they are saying they want to become musician’s feels like they will be less successful than others because of the emphasis given by the education system.

It is vital that the education system start to train people to begin thinking of building on their skills.

For instance, if one walks to a grade seven (7) class and ask what they want to become, surprisingly all of them will almost give the same responses of wanting to become doctors, engineers, or teachers yet their skills are different.

It should exceed the need just to recite what the teacher taught in class, it is all about having people thinking independently and contributing to the development of the continent.

However, the education system must improve for the betterment of the continent.


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