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School children dump books, pens for gold panning

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Some children in Chinyongola area in Chibombo District have reportedly abandoned school for illegal gold mining.
Senior Headman Chilwana has told ZANIS that the children have left their homes and camped at the recently discovered gold mine, defying their parents’ counsel to go to school.
The traditional leader is worried that if nothing more is done to stop illegal mining activities, many children from the surrounding communities will drop out of school for mining.
Senior Headman Chilwana said government deployed police officers to guard the mine area but has questioned how illegal mining of gold has continued with impunity.
He said illegal miners and buyers of the precious stone from surrounding communities and other districts are still conducting activities around the mining sites against the government’s directive.
Meanwhile, Chibombo District Commissioner, Lloyd Kayeka has warned that government will not tolerate any form of illegality at the gold mine.
Addressing scores of residents from around Chinyongola area, Mr Kayeka said government has taken a serious step to stop illegal mining activities by deploying police officers in the area.
He added that he does not therefore expect any illegal mining to continue in the area.
The DC has however warned that if there are some suspicious activities happening to sustain illegal mining, the law will catch up with the perpetrators.
The DC said government wants to ensure that the mining of gold is conducted in a formal, safe, and organized manner that will benefit all the surrounding communities and the nation.
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