Sata was a tribalist but had interest of the poor at heart

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2015-10-28 12.27.54Canada based Zambian lawyer Dr. Munyonzwe Hamalengwa, PhD has written the following statement in remembrance of late president Michael Sata.


In this world, one can disagree with another person’s practices and principles while at the same time noticing and acknowledging the other person’s inherently good qualities, intentions and practices.


President Sata had many contradictions and limitations like all human beings. However, what cannot be denied is that in his own way, he had the best interests of the common Zambians at heart, despite the tribal streak in him.


To appreciate the gigantic positive political dimensions of Michael Sata and his unfulfilled dreams for a better Zambia, every Zambian should secure a copy of the speech (or YouTube video) that he gave at Oxford University on May 17th, 201.


Michael Sata was not yet President but he was in his best element. If the sentiments in that speech were fulfilled and implemented, the ordinary Zambian would have been the victor.


But Machiavellian politics intruded on the way obstructing some of the agenda and he died too soon.


We continue to hope as directed by Ghanaian writer Ayi Kwei Armah  in his book, The Beautiful Ones Are Not Yet Born.


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