Sata thinks he is ‘God’, says Fr Bwalya

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Alliance for a Better Zambia president Father Frank Bwalya says President Michael Sata is behaving like he is God and that only his will counts on national matters.

The clergy man stressed that in God’s case his supreme will was only for the good as opposed to President Sata.

Fr Bwalya has also said he is shocked people are condemning him for reconciling with former president Rupiah Banda.

Featuring on Muvi Television’s The Assignment programme, Fr Bwalya said the biggest problem in Zambia for opposition political parties was the lack of democratic space.

“Even when I called you Chumbu Munshololwa (potato that cannot be straightened) on Radio Mano it was not an insult and you know that sir. All I know is that it is very difficult to advise you, you are incorrigible.

“Mwaba nga Lesa ba Sata, Lesa ngana eba ati ndechite efi nifyo (You are like God when you say this is how it will be then that is the only way). Cheshuko with Lesa it is always something good (Luckily for God it is always for something good),” he said.

Fr Bwalya said he had only differed with President Banda in his capacity as former president and not as a person.

“This issue has come up and I had to make a statement to make people understand why I reconciled with President Banda. I never differed with RB the soft spoken gentleman the man who is a lover of other people. I differed with RB the president. RB the president is not here in Zambia what is here is RB the former President,” he said.

“I am very surprised; shocked I must say that people should condemn me as a priest for reconciling with somebody who was perceived to have differed with me. I am shocked I thought this was a Christian nation where everyone should be saying that this is what a priest was supposed to do.”

He said that the democratic space in the country was shrinking.

“The only problem that our party is facing today is lack of democratic space to engage the people and sell our message. That is the biggest problem we have, we cannot talk about lack of money, we don’t have money but at the moment we are not talking about lack of money as the biggest problem,” he said.

“The biggest problem is lack of a democratic space where we can engage the public, engage the people and go into their homes, go into markets, have time to hold meetings for them to buy into our vision.

“That is the biggest problem we are having and if this situation continues it will be very difficult for us to form government come 2016. Otherwise we have people throughout the country working.”

On President Sata’s strong headed stance on paramount Chief Chitimukulu designate Henry Sosala, Fr Bwalya said Preside was able to freeze a traditional leader’s rightful claim as he had too much power.

“Let me take advantage of this platform to PLEAD WITH THE PRESIDENT ba President please nagwada ko no gwada (I have even knelt) I know you are watching,” he said before lying on the studio floor in a plea.

“Please kulu Bemba Sosala is now just wandering around like a mad man because of you. Kanshi finshi amichita (what did he do to you?). Nga nimbushi amibila mulande tumipele ishili 100 (If it is goats he stole from you tell us we give you 100) Ngafikoti mufwile ukumuma tukese mukesetumina mo (If it is whips you are supposed to impose on him come sio that you also beat us).”

He added: “Please Mr President, give us our chief you have too much powers as a president just reconcile with us the people. Elo nefyakulaeba ati when there are disputes concerning chiefs do not talk about it you have no moral authority until you change your mind. We want the Sata we voted for to come back.”

He also said that the opposition was not fragmented as they stood together on national issues like the constitution, fight against corruption and the fight for improved living conditions.

He announced that the party had appointed Mulenga Shula as new party Secretary General.

Source: Zambia Reports


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