Sata risk running down Zambia, warns Parliamentarian

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President Sata

There are growing concerns that the impromptu unplanned project announcement by President Michael Sata risk putting the country on unsustainable debt.

An Independent Parliamentarian for Lubansenshi Patrick Mucheleka told the House during the 2013 budget debate on Thursday that going by President Sata’s pronouncements and ruling PF ambitious programmes Zambia risk going into a debt trap.He says there is need for the PF government to match their development projects with the available resources availed in the budget.

Mucheleka said the PF n government needs to put in place an inclusive economic plan that will push resources to social sectors that will help to alleviate poverty.

Some of the unplanned or budgeted projects announced by President Sata is the creation of districts across the country. Some of these pronouncements are made without consulting cabinet insiders say.



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  1. This Hon. Mucheleka is what is called constructive criticism. I am glad you brought out this most thorn issue and I hope the sane thinking minds will get something out it.

    Mwanakayaya Suntwe
    December 1, 2012 at 4:36 am

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