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Sata is not capable to be president of Zambia says Chipimo Jr.

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NAREP leader Chipimo Jr

Opposition National Restoration Party (NAREP) president Elias Chipimo has observed that President Michael Sata has no capability to lead Zambia saying Zambians are expecting far too much from him.
And Chipimo says the Sata lead Patriotic Front government also lack policy clarity and direction saying they would fail to run the country if they did not sort out policy issues.
Speaking when he featured on Radio Phoenix, a Lusaka based owned radio station, Mr. Chipimo Jr. Who is being accused of working with PF said despite President Sata’s will to develop the country, he does not have what it takes to lead.
“It’s clear that he’s concerned about issues of unemployment, issues of the constitution but it (has) also became clear to me that I think we are expecting perhaps more than…given his age, his health, given his history of  how he’s struggled to rise to presidency. Really, we are expecting I think far too much,” Mr. Chipimo Jr. said. “I just don’t think that the set of capabilities required to lead this nation are reposited in our current head of state.”
He was however quick to note that despite the inadequacy the facts remains that Mr. Sata  is the current Zambia’s Head of State.
“So, that’s what we have. I can’t wish it away, “Mr. Chipimo Jr. observes. “The Zambian people spoke. They wanted change. I always say it was not an election, it was a referendum but that referendum produced a winning result for Michael Sata and the Patriotic Front. So, that’s what we have.”
The NAREP leader says it is however important for the opposition to work to help the PF deliver rather than wish it to fail and wait for the time to come. He says he will always be open for dialogue with the president for petinent issues of national interest.
Mr. Chipimo Jr. reaffirmed his call for quality advisors at State House. He was speaking on Let the People talk programme on Friday.


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