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Sata campaigns in Lukulu promises to build health centres

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PRESIDENT Sata says Government will build eight modern health centres in Lukulu West to improve health service delivery in the area.
And President Sata has urged the people of Lukulu West to vote for Patriotic Front (PF) candidate Eileen Imbwae in the April 23 parliamentary by-election or continue enjoying their sufferings.
The President said Government will build eight modern health centres in the area because it is saddening to see women die when giving birth.
Mr Sata, who ordered Ms Imbwae to kneel down before the people, urged her to look after the women and children if she is elected as member of Parliament (MP) for Lukulu West.
He said this when he addressed rallies to drum up support for Ms Imbwae at Mitete and Muyondoti basic schools yesterday.
“Are you not ashamed after 50 years of independence that you have no secondary school, no hospital and we still have women who are giving birth under mango trees or die when giving birth?
“Madam Imbwae, you have seen how the people are suffering, you have come to PF because you want to work with me but if they vote for you and you do not look after the women and children, I will sort you out. I will come and ask the people to give me another MP,” President Sata said.
He said it is shameful that after 50 years of independence, children in Lukulu West constituency are learning under thatched classrooms.
Mr Sata also said Government will build a police station in Mitete to improve security and working conditions for police officers in the area.
He said police officers in the area work under extreme conditions and a police station should be constructed immediately.
“There is no police station here, look at how these police officers work here, under extreme conditions. We need to build a police station almost immediately here. I have enough manpower and we have money to do this. It is not just us who should be happy, even people here in rural areas should be happy,” President Sata said.
Mr Sata said it is sad that despite attaining independence years back, there is no electricity and proper transport system in the area.
The President said poor people should be looked after with care because even Jesus came to look after the poor and children.
He said very few leaders have experienced the hardships children in rural areas are subjected to hence the need to look after them with extra care.
Mr Sata said Lukulu will be developed because Government is planning to build an administration block for the district commissioner and take Chinese nationals to train people how to grow rice.
The President also urged the people of Lukulu West to vote for Ms Imbwae if they want to benefit from Government’s development projects.
“Are you not ashamed after 50 years of independence, children are still learning in thatched classrooms? The choice is yours, I will come back again but as long as I do not have an MP, you will continue to enjoy your sufferings,” he said.
Mr Sata urged the people of Lukulu West to vote for Ms Imbwae because it will be difficult for Government to take development to the area if they vote for someone from the opposition.
Speaking at the same rally, Minister of Gender and Child Development Inonge Wina said President Sata is a caring leader especially for women.
Ms Wina, who is also PF national chairperson, said President Sata has appointed many women into his Cabinet and other decision-making positions.
She said as part of his care for women, President Sata’s Government will construct eight modern health centres in the area to improve the healthcare system.
Ms Wina urged the people of Lukulu West to vote for Ms Imbwae in the forthcoming parliamentary by-election.
Minister of Home Affairs Edgar Lungu and Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry Emmanuel Chenda also urged Lukulu West residents to vote for Ms Imbwae.
The Lukulu West parliamentary by-election is also being contested by Misheck Mutelo of the United Party for National Development and Mubita Sikwa of the United Liberal Party.

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