Sampa has confirmed that PF has armed militia – UPND

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The opposition UPND says it is not surprised that Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa has resorted to self-defense because it has always known that the PF has an armed militia.

Sampa yesterday caused a stir when he posted pictures of him brandishing a pistol on his Facebook page in an apparent threat to people he says are after his life.

He later explained to the BBC in a radio interview that the Facebook post, which he had quickly taken down, was in response to a kidnapping attempt by some known PF cadres who are in the business of allocating land illegally.

Samoa narrated that his entourage was ambushed by a bus load of cadres on his way back from a fact-finding mission in Matero regarding illegal land dealings in the area.

Reacting to the incidents, the UPND deputy secretary general Patrick Nucheleka says the violent scenes that characterised the meeting between PF thugs and Sampa must be a cause for concern by all peace loving citizens, adding: “But we are not surprised because violence has always been the kind of politics the country has witnessed under the PF leadership.

“As now confirmed by the Mayor Miles Sampa himself, PF have armed militia, this is something we have said and known since 2011 when they came to power.

“And the police were notified on several occasions by those is us who have been at the receiving end of this thuggery, but they did nothing.”

Mucheleka says the fact that the Mayor of the nation’s capital has now resorted to moving around with guns is a culmination of the lawlessness that has reigned in the country since the PF took over in 2011.

“Here is a Mayor who is now resorting to self-defence yet he is backed by a bodyguard, council police and state security. This is how bad it has gotten.

“In his radio interview with the BBC and the photos that have gone viral, Mayor himself has now resorted to moving around with guns in what he terms self-defence mechanism against fellow PF armed gangs that are after his life.

“Choosing to defend oneself, especially at the level of Mayor is just the epitome of lawlessness that has permeated our society since the PF took over in 2011.

“The country is in a crisis because of the heavily armed PF thugs, the PF leadership while Edgar Lungu says there is no crisis. What will they say now that their own Mayor is brandishing guns in public places and has resorted to going for boxing lessons in the gym.”

He warns that the gun culture being promoted by the PF will scare away foreign investors.

“And with this gun culture in the country, we can’t expect to attract investment, grow the economy and create jobs for the masses under the PF leadership.

“Before any foreign investors come into the country, they assess the security situation especially that of a capital city like Lusaka where the Mayor himself is now not free due to PF gun-culture.”


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    August 29, 2018 at 7:20 pm

  2. If the Mayor is NOT safe, what more an ordinary citizen. We are not safe in our own country. The Zambia Police or mandated security has been made to feel so weak and inferior to the PF Militia Force. The Miles Sampa incidence is an eye opener. The PF militia or lawlessness has overrun the government. It does not matter whether you UPND , UPP MDC MMD, UNAFILIATED etc we are all duty bound to defend our motherland from thugs by hook or crook. That’s what Mr Sampa is telling us. Defend yourself using similar methods. Do not expect protection from a weakened police system. Kaizer Zulu has been known to have slapped a police woman in full view of the public. NOTHING HAPPENED. His brother fought a policeman on a roadblock , NOTHING HAPPENED. When HH says PANGA for PANGA you say he is mad. PF Militia will kill you if you do not defend yourself. You will not get a whiff of protection or sympathy from the Police as it is today.

    August 30, 2018 at 2:49 pm

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