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Russian universities call for Zambian students to take up education in nuclear energy

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On April 22, two lectures were held by top Russian universities for schools in Zambia. They were devoted to peaceful use and benefits of nuclear energy today and different education programs in Russia, where Zambian students are welcome to study. The lectures were organized by the University of Zambia, University of Copperbelt, David Kaunda Secondary School and Munali Secondary School together with PFUR, TPU, NRNU MEPHI.

The forum was moderated by Dr. Masamba Kah, head of the PFUR project. Dr. Vasiliy Kornoukhov from the MEPHI University, the first speaker, gave a historical background on the use of nuclear energy, different methods of gas-diffusion selection of isotopes and electromagnetic separation of isotopes and explaining how application of modern nuclear technologies can contribute to the development of Africa in agriculture, healthcare products and medical devices.

Another speaker – TPU representative, Vera Verkhoturova, deputy director of the INTSh, Head of international nuclear educational programs – spoke in her presentation about the broad opportunities that the university can provide for Zambian students. “The development of nuclear medicine technology has been going on at TPU since 1980. The TPU research cyclotron has carried out over 200 procedures of neutron therapy for oncological diseases of the breast, head and neck. TPU has the only research reactor in Russia IRT-T, laboratories with clean rooms complex to produce radiopharmaceuticals, technological complex based on Tc-99Mm, technological complex for neutron-capture therapy, cyclotron complex for radiopharmaceuticals production”, said Dr. Verkhoturova. She also mentioned that the University has the best specialists, who carry out researches at the university, while teaching the students: “The professor of our university created a waste-free technology. This technology is eco-free to produce 99MO generator isotopes. The same professor created remotely controlled 99mTc extracted generation. The professor works at our university and teaches students, which is a great chance for students to get practical knowledge firsthand”.

Professor Dmitry Samokhin, Head of Nuclear Physics and Engineering Department at the Institute Nuclear Physics and Engineering of National Research Nuclear University MEPHI pointed out the role and place of Russia in the training of professionals in the field of nuclear engineering. The students got acquainted with different types of engineering, operation principles of thermal power plant, nuclear power plants, chain reactions, learnt about the birth of nuclear engineering and nuclear fission and took a trip to a reactor core, a reactor vessel and steam generators. Professor also listed top nuclear reactors of Rosatom and provided statistics on nuclear electricity generation in the world as well as Russia. According to the latest data provided by IEAE in 2020, 58 units of Rosatom are now under operation and 27 more under construction.

The event was concluded with a welcoming invitation addressed to African students to choose a masters’ program and study nuclear in Russia. It is part of the course read in a number of countries on the South African continent.


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