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Rise of Online Sports Betting in Zambia

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A number of countries in Africa have been improving their technology and regulations, becoming a nice field for fans of online sports betting.

The continent represents an enormous betting market, which is rapidly growing and at the same time hiding lots of potential.

One such market is Zambia, where the sports betting industry has become very competitive and equally attractive over the last couple of years. Go to for more references.

Sports Betting Continues to Develop

Located in the South-Easter part of Africa, Zambia has been known as a popular tourist destination, due to its rich wildlife and the Victoria Waterfalls. In addition to its tourism sector, Zambia also boasts a strong mining industry.

However, another sector has been rapidly developing, making the country a very appealing gambling and betting market.

With a large number of mobile users, and due to the developed infrastructure, several mobile payment platforms have established a strong presence in Zambia, helping the country become one of the most important online betting markets on the continent.

It should be noted that Zambia is a well-regulated market. The 1992 Casino Act amended the current Casino and Gaming Machines Acts, allowing licensed operators to offer various gambling products to customers across the country.

A Very Attractive Market

According to the source at the legality of online sports betting has drawn both local and offshore bookmakers, and since more than 60% of Zambians own a mobile phone with internet access, they make a valuable target for online sports betting operators.

In addition to domestic companies offering sports betting, under a government-issued license, there’s a number of high-profile foreign-based bookmakers with their respective online betting sites and platforms. The list of betting sites includes such renowned names as Betway, Bet365, M-bet, Betpawa, Lionsbet, CastleBet and BetArena.

Online betting sites have their own mobile applications, which makes it easier for players to place their bets.

However, the majority of offshore online betting sites don’t allow transactions in the Zambian Kwacha, and only accept Dollars and Euros.

The bookmakers boast an extensive selection of domestic and international leagues for wagering, giving players wide options and contributing to the growth of wagering on sports.

At this moment, online sports betting in Zambia is definitely at an all-time high, but as more and more operators are establishing their presence in the country, we can say with certainty that it’s bound to grow further.


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