Restore Chiluba’s immunity posthumously – Kavindele

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Enock Kavindele has said that the late leader should be accorded the respect he deserves for creating a lasting middle class in the country saying the sale of houses to sitting tenants of council houses empowered working families.
And national secretary of the Felix Mutati-led MMD faction Raphael Nakacinda has asked the state through Republican President Edgar Lungu to honour the late former President by restoring all the things which were “fraudulently” taken away from him.
Speaking at Embassy Park at the laying of wreaths at the second Republican President’s resting place, Kavindele who served under Chiluba said there is need to right the wrongs by ensuring that the court judgements which acquitted Dr Chiluba are honoured.
He said the late leader has been velifed by his enemies who have dented his name when the truth of the matter is that he did all he could to make Zambia a better country for its people.
“Dr Chiluba had a big heart he would say that look when our people retire all they go to is misery. We are going to sale the houses to sitting tenants that they are in so that they themselves will make that decision either to sale or to continue to live in there but would encourage them to go into smaller properties for they might not have the money to maintain the houses and the empowerment started there and then, Dr Chiluba therefore created   a lasting middle class in this country.
“I know of properties which were bought for K7,000 or 7000,000 in those days, there is one which I went to look at which has been sold for US 2.4 million Dollars thereby empowering that family for life forever, that was Dr Chiluba,” he said.

And Kavindele said the acquittal of Dr Chiluba should be honoured.

“Now its true I wrote to the President a few months ago about the state of the family, courts are there to give us fair judgement and indeed the cases of Dr Chiluba went to both the High Court and and Supreme Court and non of those courts convicted him so all I was saying to our current President, is President you should not be selective when we are honouring High Court judgements.

“The decision of the High Court and Supreme court  say that Dr Chiluba was acquitted and therefore like my brother said everything about him should be restored. Certainly that money which they talk about which was put into the Zamtrop account it was never government money at all, I was Vice President so I know myself. All we are asking President his Excellency Edgar Lungu is that President assist in effecting the court judgement, that’s all we asking for,” he said.
And the MMD said they have exhibited civility in their conduct towards the whole matter but that it was high time the father of democracy was honoured.
Nakacinda said their leader taught them as a party to be democratic and civil in their conduct but that the party is ready to go an extra mile by demonstrating if the former President is not honoured.
He further called on Republican President Edgar Lungu to break the cycle of velifying former Presidents.
“I want to state that there is a law that governs life, its called the law or the principle of precedence. When a wrong precedence is set it has a tendency to repeat itself. From the day the precedence was set to rubbish Dr Chiluba’s legacy as President every subsequent President has suffered that and it looks like none of them learn the lesson that when you are sent to that office they have a duty to break that cycle hence our former President Rupiah Banda went through the same humiliating experience.

“Dr Mwanawasa was saved because he died in office am very sure that Mr Sata was saved because he died in office, I want to place it before President Edgar Lungu that you are in office right now and you have a duty to break this cycle by summoning the courage and ensure that justice prevails over those that suffer during this orchestrated and well calculated scheme to injure and destroy the legacy of those that fought for multipartism, I call upon President Lungu to summon courage and do the right thing, let Dr Chiluba be honoured. Let those things that have been taken away from him unjustly, fraudulently be returned, he has that power as President to restore it.

“We were taught by this great man to be democratic and as a party we have conducted ourselves in a civil manner expressing our views, we don’t intend to go out there to protesting and disturbing peace but if it will take us going to demonstrate for our father and the father of democracy to be honoured in this land it will happen one day but for now we think the message we are sending is loud and clear,” he said.

And Former Home Affairs Minister Peter Machungwa demanded that the immunity of the late former President be restored posthumously.

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  1. I sincerely wish President Chiluba hadnt started the precedent of vilifying former President Kaunda by fraudulently having him arrested, humiliated and shot at by MMD operatives. In turn, President Kaunda had previously during the one party dictatorship falsely arrested and humiliated trade unionist Chiluba. Kaunda started the ball rolling and it will continue until a sane leader abides by the rule of law. The current regime continued what Kaunda started but it has an opportunity since it is in power to reset the button and govern by the rule of law to save itself from severe repercussions by future governments. No government has ruled forever. Every government and leader falls. The current government can rest the button before it is too late. All that is needed is political will. That shouldn’t be hard in a “Christian Nation”.

    Dr. Munyonzwe Hamalengwa
    June 19, 2018 at 2:39 am

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