Restarting the decorder to reboot and enjoy the films

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By Thabo Kawana

One early morning during the school holidays,I was roughly awakened by my son who enjoyed watching a certain cartoon early in the morning. It was his favorite cartoon that he caught every morning during school holidays because he is not allowed to start with TV early morning during school days.

He came in our room and shook me like a 2kv voltage electric cable put on me “Dad, the TV wont show, fix it I am missing my cartoon” he shouted as he was shaking me.

I woke up and went to check the TV, it appeared frozen with a stuck picture on it. So I unplugged the power cable from the wall socket, removed the smart card from the decorder and waited for two minutes. In that two minutes I quietly waited, my son gave me that look as though to say “do you even know what you are doing?”.

After two minutes, I put back the smart card into the decorder, plugged in the power cable into the wall socket and switched it on. It started resetting, then said rebooting, then said uploading channels and boom! It started showing normally again. I could see the happiness of my son through his smile as he threw himself onto the sofa and said “thank you Dad” as he got hold of the remote control to get to the channel he wanted.

I walked back to our room to try and catch some more sleep or whatever was left of it, I got thinking…….. My son didn’t know what to do with the decorder and TV when he found it was not working, all he wanted was to watch his cartoon and he came to me knowing that whatever the problem was, Bally will fix it. He grew impatient during that two minutes wait and must have even thought I didn’t know what I was doing but in the end, it was fixed and he was happy to catch his cartoon and held the remote.

This is exactly where we are as a Nation. The people of Zambia woke up and found their country was not working for them, the Cadres had taken over everywhere and everything. They couldn’t access any services or empowerment without going through Cadres. They couldn’t complain or protest peacefully without Cadres even in police uniform brutalizing them.

So they came to the Upnd Alliance and sought the help of Bally. He came in and did exactly what I had done for my son on the TV and decorder.

The unplugging of the power cable from the wall socket was the removing of the brutal PF regime from Office via the ballot.

The removing of the smart card from the decorder was the getting rid of certain Office bearers like the President, Finance Minister and Police IG who presided over a brutal regime, run down economy and Police “Force” instead of Police Service respectively.

And now faced with an insurmountable debt and broken economy, and just as I did, Bally too has come in to fix the problem.

In doing so, he too came and unplugged the power cable and removed the smart card from the decorder. He waited for two minutes (methodical approach). During that two minutes, Zambians grew impatient and wondered if he knew what he was doing.

The plugging back the power cable into the wall socket and putting the smart card back into the decorder meant change of guard. New President, new Finance Minister and new Police IG among others.

Restarting the decorder meant a fresh start with fresh air of democracy and freedoms. Cadres are no more, freedoms are back and the people are free to express themselves without being harassed hence even president Chishala Kateka could peacefully carry out a lone protest in a congested Central Business District (CBD) with no Cadres or police brutalizing her.

Now we are at a stage of rebooting, this is where the creditors are being engaged, the IMF is on board, the International community is paying attention to us with respect and admiration, we are talking to our neighboring countries and even being invited to address the European Parliament when others failed to show up even for a simple BBC interview because they had nothing to tell the international community.

Soon, it shall start loading channels as we are confident our creditors will play ball as they have now come to the party with a possibility of them agreeing to take some “hair cuts” and some headroom over our debt burden shall be achieved as our country’s credibility is being restored.

So just as my son threw himself onto the sofa with the remote control in his hands to continue enjoying his cartoon, so shall it be with our country as we begin to rebuild our economy and controlling it back into our hands as prosperity is guaranteed for a better Zambia for all, a Zambia we all want.

Hear me and hear me well fellow Zambians, we have the right team in place, the right attitude towards our challenges, the right leader at the helm of our country and we are on the right trajectory to recovery.

It shall not be easy as the damage is too deep and too far gone. It may appear as though our leaders don’t know what they are doing and the wait may feel as though it’s too long a time to wait but trust and believe me, this too shall pass.

We brought in Bally, he is here and is doing what he knows best, to bring us to a place of prosperity and enjoyment.

What is important now is not to doubt, not to grow impatient and most of all, we must TRUST THE PROCESS.

Bally will fix this.


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