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Response to HH extending one party system from Southern Province to the whole world

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Chris Zumani Zimba’s hate of the Tonga of Southern Province

By David Zulu.

Chris Zumani Zimba’s apparent animosity towards the Tonga people of Southern Province is evident in a lengthy and biased essay where he attempts to foster division, demonize, and isolate the Tonga community, particularly due to the current President’s origins in that region.

Zumani Zimba’s article, with its highly subjective content, may mislead uninformed readers into believing that only Tongas influenced the 2021 elections, implying a skewed electoral process.

His rhetoric, resembling hate speech, paints fellow citizens as illusionists, isolationists, and portrays them as backward and un-Zambian.

Drawing parallels to his mentor Fred M’membe, who previously labeled Southern Province as a Bantustan, or foreign tribal territory, Zumani Zimba, and Sishuwa Sishuwa introduce the term ‘Zambezi Province,’ further fragmenting Southern, Western, and North Western Provinces from the rest of Zambia. These divisive narratives, reminiscent of M’membe’s approach, sow seeds that may lead to future conflicts.

It is crucial to highlight that Zumani Zimba’s writings overlook the fact that Southern Province wholeheartedly supported non-Tonga President Frederick Chiluba, demonstrating unity and solidarity by giving him a 100% parliamentary vote in 1991 and 1996. This contradicts Zumani Zimba’s attempt to paint Tongas as uniformly hostile.

In the same 1991 election, Eastern Province voted for Kaunda and UNIP but he displays amnesia on this event in history.

In any case, had Zimba utilised his PhD mental capacity on this topic, he probably would be resolving a hypothetical question of whether multipartism is entrenched in Zambia.

Wasn’t the essence of multiparty and democracy to have tolerance of divergent views? To agree to disagree yet function as one? To accept that the majority rules?

When the citizens choose to exercise their right to align themselves to their choice, why should Dr Zumani and his choir directors then vilify them and drive a narrative to isolate them?

They are the ones pushing for a one party state where everyone is expected to go with their perceived choice.

A cautionary note is extended to Chris Zumani Zimba, as his inflammatory language might lead to legal consequences of hate speech, potentially resulting in a jail term. He may not be as lucky as in the gassing saga. It is imperative that he refrains from perpetuating divisions within the nation and cease sowing seeds of discord.


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