Respect Women, they don’t belong to the streets, Nawakwi tells fellow candidates

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The only female candidate in the forthcoming Presidential Election has come to the defence of women that are being condemned for trading from streets by some aspiring Presidential candidate.

FDD President, Edith Nawakwi, is saddened that some politicians are today promising to keep women doing business on the street as street vendors.

Ms. Nawakwi says instead of women being promised to be re-dignified by being removed from the streets and taken to decent trading areas, some politicians seem happy seeing women subjected to inhuman treatment of street vending.

Speaking at a public rally at Chawama hall grounds on Sunday, Ms. Nawakwi said women deserve to be respected and cared for because they are a key component to the country’s development.

“How do some politician promise women that ‘I will maintain you in the streets’ when their wives don’t even know what street life is like? Ms. Nawakwi questioned as the crowed cheered in her support.

The only female candidate in the Presidential race of ten (10) male further stated that “Zambia no longer needs politics of lies and of taking advantage of women”.

Ms. Nawakwi who likened the 11 Presidential candidates to a National Soccer Team said she is the Captain of the 11.

The opposition leader said being the captain, she will ensure that liars, violent individuals and groupings and those that make fake promises are not given an opportunity to govern the country.

“It is necessary to have a Captain in every team and that Captain is me in the 2015 team for state house”. Said the Forum for Democracy and Development leader.

And Ms. Nawakwi has repeated her party’s call for Patriotic Front (PF) President Edgar Lungu to stop using chitenge materials bearing late President Michael Sata’s portrait to gain people’s sympathy.

She notes that those using Late President Sata’s chitenge materials to campaign and win through a sympathy vote should not be voted for because they do not have their own message and vision.

“We are still mourning Mr. Sata, so they should not remind us of him by using his chitenge materials in vain.

If Mr. Edgar Lungu does not have his own he should come to us we will help him.” She said.

She added that many Zambians today are living in high poverty due to poor economic management by the PF.


One Response to Respect Women, they don’t belong to the streets, Nawakwi tells fellow candidates

  1. Ms Nawakwi,I would like to hear more of what you will do for me and other Zambians so that we can vote for you and less of telling us how others will not help the Zambians. When you say others should not let women on the streets, you are right, but how much does that make me know what good you are going to do to let them leave the streets. Mind you they are not in the streets trading as the best alternative, but as the last resort. When Mr Sata said they should be left on the streets, we all know it was for political mileage coz he said they voted for PF.I have heard others say let them be in the streets for now and help them with loans. I tend to agree with this stance coz one, it helps them make a daily living than to uproot them and make families have no food. Two the empowerment will make their businesses grow and naturally leave the streets as the small stall and spaces in the streets will not accommodate them

    Bob Kaima
    December 30, 2014 at 10:22 am

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