Reported Chinese involvement in Zim coup worries Green Party

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Peter Sinkamba

Green Party leader Peter Sinkamba says if reports that China has a hand in this week’s coup in Zimbabwe are true, then a dark era has dawned in Africa.

Sinkemba was reacting to a report which appeared in the UK Guardian newspaper yesterday, which revealed that the head of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, and architect of this week’s coup in Zimbabwe, Gen Constantino Guveya Chiwenga, was in China last week, and met two most senior members of China’s Army.

“China and Zimbabwe are all-weather friends,” Gen Chiwenga, is reported to have was told by Li Zuocheng, chief of the joint staff of China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA), reports the UK Guardian.

According to the report, Gen Chiwenga told his host that Zimbabwe was “willing to deepen exchanges and cooperation in all fields with China to promote the rapid development of bilateral state and military relations between the two countries”.

Two days later, Gen Chiwenga met China’s defence minister, Gen Chang Wanquan, and thanked him for Beijing’s “long-time selfless help”.

Barely days after his return from China, Gen Chiwenga warned, and thereafter executed a military coup.

“We hope China played no hand in what is happening in Zimbabwe at the moment,” stated Sinkamba.

“You see, in the last two decades, China has strategically invested across Africa in all spheres, including giving out easy sovereign loans to governments, limitless investments in natural resources exploitation; construction; commerce and industry; banking; retail trading, you name it. So, economically, it is no brainer that China now has a very serious grip on economies of countries in Africa, including Zambia,” he said.

“Now, the trouble is: if a government of the day becomes a stumbling block, such as defaulting on sovereign loans repayments; default to pay Chinese contractors; or indeed put roadblocks on extraction of natural resources such as minerals and mukula tree, then if the Zimbabwe coup model is allowed to succeed in Africa, Beijing can simply set the army of that country using the Zimbabwe model and change governments so that a puppet regimes are installed,” the Green Party leader cautioned.

Sinkamba said much as the majority of people may resent the overstaying of President Robert Mugabe in Government, however, they should be wary of the mode of his removal or change of government.

He said removal of democratically elected regimes must always be through constitutional and democratic systems not military coups, whether the coups are bloody, bloodless or “subtle” like the Zimbabwe model.

“The era of military coups should not be entertained anymore on the continent because it is a primitive approach to governance. Not only that. Coups breed more coups. Some can result into serious mayhem which is not desirable in any nation. So it is desirable that we always remove regimes through constitutional and democratic systems. Coups, whether they are bloody, bloodless or subtle, like the Zimbabwe model, should not be entertained at all,” he added.

He said Africa should not create a fertile ground where greedy governments and multinational corporations whose sole interest are economic to take advantage of the Zimbabwe coup model to buy off army generals or even hire mercenaries to carry out coups, and install puppet governments which they can control to exploitation of economic resources.

“Such an appalling situation is not desirable at all for Africa,” the Green Party leader said.


4 Responses to Reported Chinese involvement in Zim coup worries Green Party

  1. Dear Editor
    I compltely agree with My Sinkamba on his contribution to what is isueing in Zimbabwe.

    There were times on the African Continent when their was a prolification of Military coups. This has slowed down. Southern aAfrica escaped all that until now. All those coups were in the main plotted and sponsored by foreign governments or large corporations with with money to buy generals.

    The poor people of Zimbabwe do not deserve military generals who have arrogantly elected themselves as political leaders of Zimbabwe. There should not be any Military coups in Africa any more. The leaders of SADAC must stand together and oppose this military coup in Zimbabwe. Any change in the government of Zimbabwe must be by constitutional means.

    The leader of MDC has jumped on the band wagon to say the President of Zimbabwe must step down. There is no authority constitutional that says the amrmy can order the President of Zimbabwe to step down! President is right in refusing to step down.

    China is being mentioned by the media as being complict in the coupd. I do hope they are not.

    Chinyerezi Chintu
    November 17, 2017 at 10:27 am

  2. Please, Mr Sinkamba,do not jump to irrational conclusions. How can you rely on a British tabloid to insinuate China could have been involved in the current Zimbabwe political quagmire? Really? That is an insult to China and the patriots of Zimbabwe. Can you sight any country, anywhere, especially in Africa, which has been a victim of a China instigated coup? Yet, it’s common knowledge that the British intelligence services and the American CIA have done everything in the book to overthrow Mugabe and have dismally failed. BECAUSE the Zimbabwean Army, unlike many African armies, CANNOT be bought!!! The only army in Africa composed of and led by hardened freedom fighters. That is why, if Mugabe has to fall, it can only be from the forces within and NEVER FROM WITHOUT. In a nutshell, that should explain what is happening in Zimbabwe now. So, Mr. Peter Sinkamba, as a so-called leader of a political party, do a little, just a little, soul searching before you expose your political narrow-mindedness. The remarks attributed to the honourable commander of the ZDF, on his visit to China, could have been made by any one official representing their country on such a visit. How could any sane and informed political analyst, therefore, read anything insidious in those remarks; and let alone conjure up a Chinese conspirancy. Come on. This is pretty dangerous rhetoric, Mr. Sinkamba! Let’s not pander to the whims of fake mainstream Western media (am here only paraphrasing Donald Trump); whose agendas are well known.

    China needs an apology! If you are a political leader, made of sterner stuff, you should tender such apology to the great nation of China, and unreservedly so; Mr. Sinkamba. Henceforth; think before you talk.

    November 17, 2017 at 11:21 am

  3. sikamba is becominga spokeman for the colonialists, this explains his green party is sponsored by the colonial masters – that is a danger in itself. ask him to distance himself from this allegation.

    zambians let us be careful of these political parties their masters are want to re-colonize africa. Read your history China has never had a colony in africa.

    so what sikamba is saying is a HOAX!!! THAT SAID am not siding with the chinese way of doing business in AFRICA – THERE IS NEED TO KEEP THEM IN CHECK

    Tonga Chief
    November 17, 2017 at 1:20 pm

  4. Sinkamba how many councillors do you have nationwide? For you to be posing as a big party.

    November 17, 2017 at 1:26 pm

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