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Relationships and Dating:

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If someone is not willing to put a ring on your finger or marry you, DON’T give them the benefits of marriage.

If they think that you are good enough to sleep with, let them first make God smile by thinking that you are good enough to marry first.

Do not let someone make you sin by making you a mother when they are not willing to make you a wife.

Guys being the first cut won’t make her stay with u forever and Girls having his baby won’t make him stay with you either.

If I can read a magazine for free, what is the purpose of buying it? That’s why some magazines come with a seal, because they know that you will really appreciate its value and pay the price first.

Its time to seal off your life, even if you are no longer a virgin you can still bring back your value and let someone pay off the price first or else they will just read you and dump you for another one.

This is one of the reason why some people are not getting married. Its time to seal off and show your true value.


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