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Why Men should pick up the Tab on the First Date

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Whether you are a traditionalist or a new-age and liberal dater, first dates reveal a lot regarding a potential partner. Women still believe that men should offer significantly more than them in relationships. This usually revolves around finances and status in general.

On that note, picking up the tab on the first date reveals more about character than most tend to believe. It exudes not only one’s status but can go a long way in proving chivalry is not dead. After checking out a few babes and securing a date on, it might be in your best interest to keep in mind the following.

Pay grades

Women may have risen significantly over the past decades in terms of remuneration. However, in reality, women still earn less than their average male counterparts. With that being said, paying for the first date should rest entirely on the man. Even if a lady offers to pay, a gentleman should know well enough to pick up the tab. On rare occasions, a lady might have offered to go fifty-fifty on the bill.


A first date covers a lot of ground, which is where first impressions come in. It means as one portrays themselves on the first date, so shall he be judged moving forward. If you are a cheapskate from the get-go, women find that extremely unattractive. It also shows that moving forward; the cheapskate mentality might transition into the long-term union too. These first impressions are not to be taken lightly and can be deal breakers in many instances.


Men believe they should be breadwinners and in most cases, women believe this too. When a man decides that the lady should indeed pay for lunches and dinners and has no qualms about it, it should send red flags. This is because the man might turn out to be not only a cheapskate but a freeloader too. This is the worst possible position a woman could be in. The society also shuns away men with little to offer except sex- or less. If you are a proud male, you should bring more to the table than sexcapades and good times.

Why a Woman Should Avoid Such Men

The men in this case refer to freeloaders or stingy men. Women should avoid such men for several reasons:

  • They will undoubtedly embarrass you in front of friends, family, and coworkers.
  • With children, there is a need for a disciplined and diligent breadwinner. When the man seems wanting and almost useless in this regard, it begs the question as to what he is offering. This can become a burden to the woman, and the kids and causes added baggage as she has to take care of him too.
  • If a man isn’t offering money on a first date, there is a likelihood that he is offering it elsewhere. It could be that you are playing second fiddle. Being the sidepiece should never be entertained; married or not.

Bottom Line

Whether you secured a young Slavic or another European babe online, be sure to keep the handy tips above in mind. It is one thing to be broke once in a while, but a man who perpetually has no money is no man at all. Keep this in mind and the first and possibly subsequent dates will turn out blissful.



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