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Real Jay to release a new album at the end of this month

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Real Jay

Real Jay

Prominent Southern Province musician, Real Jay, is in the studios making a new album called “Influence”, reports Zambian Eye’s correspondent for Southern Province.

Real Jay as he is known by his fans whose real name is Willie Ndhlovu Muleya has promised a very entertaining and educative10 track album for the year 2014 which is expected to be released on July 31, 2014.

The self pronounced ‘Munamusanza’ translated as proud southerner will not only record his songs at Macha radio station in Choma district of southern province but also at Lusaka’s popular recording labels known as SSV STUDIOS.

Real Jay posted on his Facebook page that he has chosen ‘Influence’ as the title for his album because he feels youths have the influence to stir their country to development and not to violence.

“As youths we have the influence to change our country, let’s not use our influence to bring about violence but peace and harmony that is why I have named my album with the mighty title Influence that will be released on July 31, 2014. Let me use my influence to help the less privileged,” reads his Facebook post.

The 2013 Namianga Christian and Macha radio stations Musician of the year winner has great songs on his latest album from which he has already sampled out to his fans such as;


This is one track that people should look out for in the new album where he is praising Tonga chiefs as God given ones.

In the first stanza he starts by saying that Senior Chief Moonze is the pillar of all Tongas across the world making him a God given leader.

He also praises Chief Chikanta of Kalomo for his strategy to develop his chiefdom and the establishment of a museum at his palace making him unique among other chiefs of Zambia.

In this song he struck the right knots and message as he mentioned how the people of southern province should be proud of their two female Chieftainesses Choongo and Mwenda of Monze and Chikankanta districts respectively. This song was recorded at Macha radio station in Choma.

“Muzike ulumbwa naloboka”

This is another track his fans should look out for as his next album hits the shelves in just over a week’s time.

In this song Real Jay urges people to appreciate someone’s works before they are long gone.

Real Jay dancing queens

Real Jay dancing queens

He starts by saying people’s tears can fill the buckets during someone’s funeral but the fact that the deceased cannot see from the coffin the tears may be useless.

He says people slaughter animals during funerals but when the person is alive the animals are not given to the person to help his or her family, a situation he described as meaningless.

It’s a touching song that can make one shed tears if you follow the rhythm and the lyrics. This song was also recorded at Macha radio station in Choma.


Wakalya could prove to be the song of the year as he explains how some ladies use men as a stepping stone to their future flamboyant lifestyles.

He starts the song by singing how a woman leaves the man whilst the man is still in love with her of which the man had plans of improving.

He also sings how ladies suffer after abandoning their husbands whom they struggled together to earn a living.

In the song Real Jay cautions men to be careful with such ladies in life.

This is the first song he has recorded at SSV STUDIOS in Lusaka. There some more interesting tracks like “Mwandityola Mucila” and many more which his fans should look out for at the end of this month.



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