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Ready to stand his ground, even if it means standing alone, Pilato returns with a 15 track album

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Zambian musician and political activist, Chama Fumba, aka, Pilato is back with a bang, he is set to release a new album soon, entitled ‘Here I Live’.

The new album, will feature 15 songs, that seem to rubber stamp the singer’s reputation as Zambia’s prominent dissident, as well as confirming his courage to stand for his beliefs even if it means standing alone.

As usual, Pilato’s music, continue to stir discussions and connotations, and the new offering is not different.

It takes a look on the power structures that hold the elites in place and fans the flames of political disobedience.

At one time, supporters of President Edgar Lungu gave Pilato 48 hrs to withdraw a song they deemed to be politically wrong, or risk death.

Faced with an angry mob on the one side, and an uncooperative police force on the other, Pilato fled to South Africa, where he has remained ever since.

His music has already shown the ability to shake the foundations of government to its core and prompt the public to question their rulers.

His new offering challenges people to lose their sense of tribalism, and to rediscover the power of political organization in addressing common struggles.

It asks people to reclaim their basic sense of humanity; to protect the environment and to be moved by the plight of others.

Most importantly, it calls on citizens to be riled by injustice and to find ways of cutting down the outrageous levels of inequality and degrading conditions of poverty.

It further calls fellow Zambians to strive to defeat all things that undermine people’s freedom of expression and ability to run full lives.

With protests ongoing in Lusaka against government corruption and suppression of free speech, Pilato has already picked his position in support to the anti-graft demonstrators.


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