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Ready for marriage show back on air

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The continent’s biggest pre-marriage reality show hits your screens for its fifth season on Friday, September, 19th starting at 19:30 hours to 21:30 hours live with the contestants jostling for a thousand kwacha wedding sponsorship.

The launch will be held at Mika Convention Centre (MCC) off Great East road after Airport Turn Off.

This season’s theme is dubbed “unbelievable.” The name is built from the general perceptions of society where an adult male is ever expected to remain sexually pure until the time of entering into marriage.

Season five of Ready for Marriage will feature single virgin men. The term “Virgins” in this case means men who have never engaged in any sexual intercourse in their entire life.

In meeting the aspirations of these young contestants, in design or fashion, viewers and fans will witness the transformation of dreams of some deserving and eager youngsters into reality, husbands.

The contestants, who are currently under key and lock, will do their best to outshine each other in the hope of convincing Africa that they’re the continent’s best potential husbands. The show shall feature virgin men between the ages of 21 and 35 years old with or without fiancées.

The show heavily relies on audience engagement through our social media platforms and short messaging System (SMSs) by typing “R4M” (space), contestant’s number or go to the official website at

Since its inception, the show has never been short of drama, laughter, tears, intrigue and above all, the much-anticipated show offers bizarre and weird revelations.

For the business community, this is your time to market your goods and services on a show that has a huge following not only in Zambia but across the African continent.

For More Information, contact Master Chimbala on 0953 588 950 or send am email to

About Ready for Marriage

Ready for Marriage is a multi-thematic and multifaceted reality TV show that engages every kind of a viewer in urban and rural areas.
The programme was first conceptualized and initiated by Muvi TV in 2007.

At its inception the programme attracted female participants from within Lusaka province, as it ran on the Muvi Television channel. Ready for Marriage season one remarkably built a huge fan-base and viewer-ship across the then only-viewing-province of Lusaka. The momentum was endless and still saw its climax at the grand finale of season one.

At the start of the year 2010, the second season of Ready for Marriage was launched. This time the show attracted participants from a wider scope.

Young ladies of different backgrounds, stories, lifestyles, origins all impacted the highly competitive candidature of the show. The second season ran for 51 episodes with 21 participants drawn from across various territories.

This season revealed various issues often unknown and untold to most ears. Drama, conflict, vengeance and endless surprises rocked the show until the end. The grand finale graced the 1 winner of Ready for Marriage season two with a 100 million Kwacha worth of a wedding sponsorship.


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