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Rapsody’s Lusaka, a must visit!

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During the day Rhapsody’s Lusaka is an oasis of coolness and calm within the hustle and bustle of Arcades shopping centre. In the evenings it lights up the night sky, beckoning invitingly — a place where friends hang out, where the girls meet for coffee and where working professionals congregate after hours.
With an indoor restaurant, separate bar area and an extensive covered outdoor restaurant and bar, Rhapsody’s is definitely a place to relax and enjoy the lively atmosphere as well as the great food! The restaurant menu options range from steaks, salads, fish and vegetable dishes, with more than a touch of innovation — like the delicious chicken wrapped in bacon, peppers and chillies. See the breakfast specials and find out more about pensioner Mondays.
Rhapsody’s flavours of life
What makes every Rhapsody’s restaurant unique is the combination of beautiful décor, delectable cuisine, superb service, vibrant people and a pulsating atmosphere which creates the quintessential ‘Rhapsody’s flavours of life’. Rhapsody’s restaurant caters for clientèle who are trend setters not followers.
The Rhapsody’s concept originated with the notion of raising the standard of dining excellence in South Africa. And it has persevered to achieve a certain supremacy within the sector not only in South Africa but in several other southern African countries including Zambia. Rhapsody’s ‘flavours of life’ is a dining experience which encompasses enjoyment in life and a passion for quality, to be felt, lived and experienced!
With stylish surroundings, a variety of signature dishes and a wide selection of exotic cocktails to suit every taste, you’ll want to come back for more.


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