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Rapper Sojah, Artist destined to put Zambian music on the map in Asia

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RapRapper young Sojah is a talented and multi-skilled young Zambian currently based in China. He is a Rapper, Producer, Song writer, Graphics and Enterprenuer designer from Zambia in the the capital Lusaka.

Sighting such influences as the likes of Nasty-D, Dade Zimus, Jay-z, Black Muntu, Fabolous, and notorious B.I.G. He learnt he could rap and produce at the age nine. He went on to release a mix-tape in 2010 which gained buzz around the Copperbelt and Lusaka.

In 2011, he broke out with a single which he recorded with his group stack paper called Sivintu and it went on to be highly played  on alot of radio stations in Zambia. The same year, he went on to record trend setters which gained  a lot of buzz around internet blogs and

It is after this that he decided to take his musical career to higher heights and would later open stages at the Zed-6 to 6 for big artists like Slap-dee, Nana, Tommy Dee to mention but a few.

With a couple of good singles under his belt, he is now determined to gain more recognition. After opening his record label soul’ed out entertainment which has a number of upcoming artists signed to it, he relocated to China where he is currently studying and taking his music Internationally.

Currently, he is shooting a video for his new single. With all this, he is destined to put Zambian music on the map in Asia and around the world.


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