Quick hard letter to the UPND vice president GBM

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Saturday, 20th April 2019

REF: My hard take On UPND vice president, his self audio recordings and suspension

Dear Mr.Geofrey Bwalya Mwamba,

Good morning sir

This is a concerned citizen dropping this quick one to your office. I hope and pray this reaches you and l know it will. I’m one person who like saying things as they are, otherwise this isn’t meant to injure you ,and the UPND party or any other surrounding you.

Sir, l have followed your current standing as Veep in the UPND party and l can tell things have changed. Where there are two or more people,its normal and very human to have some frictions but it takes maturity and sincere love for the people who believe in you to amicably find a better way of resolving your differences without stressing those who follow you or indeed the party you belong.

I must say, l have been receiving so many audios purported to have been released from your angle carrying your voice talking so many unfortunate stuff about your party UPND and its leadership..I was going to come out just when i listened to the first one but l could not just believe it could be you not until l listened  to this latest one where you threw so much tantrum and  allegations on the party and its leader Hakainde Hichilema

Say as it is,  Zambia deserves the better vice president and time to shake off and re-align is now..Upnd is a party, an organisation and no one is important and can claim ownership….it has rules and procedures..

My advise Mr Mwamba…if you decide to go and rejoin pf, kalaba..or indeed form your own party,please put aside your EGO.your ego is detrimental sir the earlier you realise that the better for you in this political field.We know and understand you have the money but that shouldn’t make you feel more important than everyone else! Its wrong.Thats your money with your family.Zambian people need sound national leadership that will improve their livelihood and not interested in your money and all.

Believe me l supported you from day one when you joined upnd not until after listening to this particular audio.

At first l refused thinking it was as usual the PF propaganda not until this audio where some unknown person from chingola called you…from no where you started saying all sort of fake accusations on the party and the party president HH..trying to dent his image and that of a party…who does that?

politics calls for maturity otherwise with that mentality and attitude even where u go they will eliminate you…and just fail in your political ambition.you r a great man but u need to work on yourself.

Upnd is for the people of Zambia and not any individual not even president HH..That’s why when the founder father Mazoka died [rip] we still have the party and so grown today..so why should you think you own some structures in the copperbelt, Luapula,Northern? Are you sure with yourself..and why mentioning kambwili and kalabas names in this issue..?? It just shows that you are one of those few people trying to fight the alliance.

Zambian people want the alliance. We want unity in the country to form government and not dividing us…if you have grudges with Kambwili..that’s your own personal issues don’t dare bring them to the Zambian people and the party. Come on Mr. Mwamba you can do much better than this…

if its going… go in peace UPND will still exist with all its structures. Better now than tomorrow. Personally, I’m done. With all that allegations on your president Hakainde Hichilema and the party it will be very difficult to trust you no more going forward.

To the UPND party…better you face this issue now and reorganize by 2021 than facing it when it’s one month before general elections.

To my fellow Zambians especially the youths,this move might be bitter but it might be the solution at the moment for us to move forward and have effective sound leadership in government come 2021.

I’m disappointed to say the least. l supported you wholeheartedly, but my taste of you is different from today going forward.

Concerned Citizen.


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  1. Fat Al has left. Well the party is greater than an individual. Judas wants to spill the beans and feel good about himself. Very immature politically, even Canicius had more grace than you and what he can not measure up with you in money, he has intellect

    April 21, 2019 at 6:19 am

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