Quarantined truck drivers complain of ill treatment by health officials at UNZA, amid filthy conditions

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Some international truck drivers who are quarantined at the University of Zambia (UNZA) are complaining over alleged mistreatment at the hands of health officers, adding that they are even exposed to the disease.

They also complain that results are also taking long to be released by the government.

In an electronic letter of complaint sent to this publication one truck driver said truck drivers who are quarantined at the UNZA are mistreated by the health officials.

“We are 173 drivers and we are even exposed to this Covid 19 disease. We have been quarantined for 14 days and we have also done the tests but to our surprise there are no results until to date.”

The truck driver also said the authorities promised them that they will be able to get results in 48 hours, but have gone for more than a week without being given their results.

The driver further said there is no social distance being practiced at the institution. “We are at great risk of being infected and harrassed by the Police,” added the driver who could not be named to avoid victimisation.

“To make it worse we have people living with different conditions and surviving on medication and now they are not taking their medication and are at risk of dying.

“There is no breakfast served. Same day meals and cold ones are served at 14 hrs and 19 hrs,” said the driver, adding that the living conditions are bad for human habitation.

The issue was also confirmed by some other drivers at the institution.

Meanwhile, when the matter was also raised during a briefing to Prof Victor Mukonka of the Directors spearheading the COVID-19 fight, he promised that the issue is being looked into.

“The issue is being addressed,” said Prof Mukonka.

Meanwhile, UNZA was converted by the government as the quarantine centre for truck drivers, mainly those on transit.


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