Protesting over Mazabuka-Kafue Road is a waste of time – Siavonga DC

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Lovemore Kanyama

Siavonga District Commissioner Lovemore Kanyama says it is a waste of time for Mazabuka Member of Parliament to stage a walk protest over the Mazabuka-Kafue road rehabilitation.

In a press statement below, Kanyama says the time Nkombo will waste to walk is better off him going to see the provincial administration and Ministry of Works and Supply.

The Walking Protest over kafue – Mazabuka road rehabilitation to be done by Honourable Garry Nkombo, who is the area member of Parliament is a waste of time.

Four weeks ago lawmakers that from Siavonga , Kalabo ,Kalomo and Chikankata were captured patching potholes on the said road.

The lawmakers promised to sale their animals as away of raising resources to rehabilitate the kafue – Mazabuka road, what has gone wrong in selling the animals, is Hon Nkombo telling us that there are no buyers for the said animals?

I was called all sorts of names, even receiving threats from Monze UPND leadership when I said the lawmakers were jokers, trying to rehabilitate a road involves a lot of resources and the said lawmakers are in no capacity, only government has the capacity to rehabilitate the kafue – mazabuka road.

My appeal to the mazabuka lawmaker is engage or rather lobby to the Government to rehabilitate the kafue – Mazabuka road and not issuing walk protest.

We all engage the Government to rehabilitate damaged roads in our respective districts, southern province lawmakers thought that by parading themselves with shovels on the road they would embarrass the Government.

To this effect , I want to urge the said lawmakers to work and support the Government of the day and to do away with partizan politics for developments sake .

The energy to be wasted in a walking protest by Hon Nkombo should be used to visit the Provincial Minister or the Ministry of Works & Supply. That’s the way to go, mind you its not just the kafue – Mazabuka road that has to be rehabilitated but Siavonga roads as wellto.

Lovemore Kanyama
Siavonga District Commissioner.


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