Prominent Afrosoul artist celebrates Zambian authors

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World over, it is rare for artists to celebrate their fellows, in most cases they compete for recognition as to who is better than the other, however, this is not true for Zambian Afrosoul artist, Wezi Victoria Mhone.

She believes in complementing others, giving credit where it is due.

Mhone recently, pointed out that she has added 5 books to her collection of books written by Zambian authors.

“I’ll be reviewing them as I read and I encourage you all to join me in celebrating and supporting our very own authors… Don’t forget to BUY ZAMBIAN BOOKS,” she said.

In response one of her followers and fellow musical artist, KasandaChisanga wrote:

That’s true we should be reading more of Zambian literature.

I can recommend you also read Generational Chaos by Davies Zuze Moyo.

It has a good commentary on our current social, political and economic landscape


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