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Prominent Monze prophet Isaac vows not to marry until God tells him to

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Renowned Zambian man of cloth, Prophet Isaac of Monze who is reportedly known for strange miracles has vowed not to get married saying God did not tell him to do so.

He further says he will remain single for the rest of his life until God tells him to marry.

Early this year, the prominent Zambian clergyman released shocking prophecies for this New Year 2022 to the country of Zambia and Africa at large.

Speaking in Monze on New Year’s Eve after successfully conducting an overnight service, the prophet disclosed that Zambia is on its way of becoming one of the richest nations in Africa as the Mighty hand of God is on the country.

Here are the prophecies that were released by Prophet Isaac Praise on New Year’s Day (1st January 2022).

  1. In this New Year 2022, God has revealed to me that there will be a valuable mineral that will be discovered in this country. This mineral will bring a lot of money in Zambia and many people will find employment.
  2. The Lord has told me that there will be a New Football Team in Zambia in this New Year (2022) which will bring glory to this country. The cry by Zambians over the poor performance of Chipolopolo Boys has been brought to an end. The New Zambian National Team will be a marvel worldwide.
  3. This year, the Lord God shall grant all hardworking Zambian youths a lot of blessings. God has released wisdom to the New Dawn Government to create millions of employment to Zambian youths.
  4. In Botswana, I see a lot of battles against the sitting President of that country from the opposition but God said he should not worry as he will help him win all the battles. His opponents will try to bring him down but they shall not succeed.
  5. In Nigeria, I see the second becoming the first. The Lord has lifted humble and humbled the pride. This year Nigeria will never be the same again.
  6. This New Year, the Hand of God is upon Malawi and that country will experience an economic turnaround for the better.
  7. In Uganda, God Almighty has counted the days of President Yoweri Museveni and brought them to an end. The rule of President Museveni has been brought to an end this year. Fresh blood will finally lead Uganda.
  8. Despite delays in the rains, the Lord says Zambia will experience bumper harvest. No one shall die of hunger in Zambia. God has anointed President Hakainde Hichilema to take Zambia to the promised land.
  9. Zambian State House must triple around President HH and the Community House as the enemies who are still grieved of losing the 2021 August Elections are planning evil, but they will NEVER succeed. The Mighty Hand of God is on President HH and he shall govern Zambia up to 2031.
  10. Namibia, Malawi, Zimbabwe and Zambia must pray against the increase in commodities. The enemy of progress is in full swing using the opposition to frustrate the government but God shall defeat him. The mentioned countries will prosper.
  11. I see a sitting African President dying. All African countries must pray.
  12. His Excellency President Hakainde Hichilema is chosen and being protected by God and is destined to become the best President that Africa has ever produced but he should not arrested for President Edgar Chagwa Lungu despite many evils he committed against the Zambian People. God will fight President Lungu alone for economic mismanagement and other crimes committed. President HH should leave the battle to God.

These are the prophecies that God released to the nation of Zambia and Africa.

I now decree and declare that anyone reading this shall be a Head and not a Tail throughout this New Year in Jesus Christ’s Mighty Name!


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