Proflight’s Mbasela Club – Fly 10 times and the next ticket is free

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Proflight Zambia has upgraded its Mbasela Club frequent flyer programme to make the rules simpler to understand and to help passengers to earn and spend more Miles on a route of their choice.

The Mbasela Club programme allows members to earn Miles each time they fly , which in turn can exchanged for a free reward ticket to any domestic or regional destination to which the airline operates. Other changes include membership from the age of two, Miles earned will remain valid for 36 months and missing-Miles can be backdated for three months.

“The new programme is simpler for members and will hopefully encourage them to earn and spend more Miles,” said Proflight Director of Government and Industry Affairs Captain Philip Lemba. The changes will allow members to earn a flat rate of 250 Miles for each one-way domestic flight, regardless of route or fare class, while Regional flights will earn 500 Miles accordingly.

To qualify for a free domestic ticket on any route, members on the programme will need to have 2,500 Miles or 5,000 Miles for a free one-way ticket on a regional flight.

“The programme has been relaxed so that Miles now remain valid for 36 months  years instead of two years,” said Captain Lemba.

“if members don’t have enough Miles for a free ticket the revamped Mbasela Club will give members the chance to buy Top- Up points online – for instance, K250 will enable members to add 500 Miles which is a big plus.”

The Mbasela Club programme has over 3,000 members registered on its flyer programme. Membership is free, and the revised scheme allows children over the age of two years to join; the Membership Form is online at

The airline has reassured its members that any missing Miles can be claimed for up to three months from the date of travel. Members are advised to read the updated Terms and Conditions of the Mbasela Club Programme and can see more details online at


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  1. To encourage frequent flyers, giving a get 5 and get the 6th free makes more sense. It gives more value than a person waiting till the 11th trip. Just and FYI.

    Lady Liuwa
    February 26, 2017 at 6:19 pm

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