Probe Speaker Matibini over GBM ruling-YALI

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Speaker, Dr Matibini

Speaker, Dr Matibini

The Young African Leaders Initiative has called for a probe on whether Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini breached the Constitution by declaring the Kasama Central parliamentary seat vacant.


YALI Governance Adviser Isaac Mwanza said in an interview that a probe should be called to establish whether Dr Matibini was in order when he declared the Kasama seat vacant.


Mr Mwanza has since called on Dr. Matibini to reflect on his conduct in determining the question of the membership to the National Assembly in light of the matter that the PF had used the due process of the law as provided in Article 72 of the Constitution to determine the question of Mr Mwamba’s membership.


He said YALI was of the view that Speaker Matibini could have waited for the High Court to rule over the matter.


Mr Mwanza said the High Court was best placed to determine in the application by the PF with recourse to the Supreme Court.


He said Speaker Matibini knows very well that only the Courts can determine whether the seat has fallen vacant.


But Law Association of Zambia President George Chisanga has supported the decision by Speaker Matibini to declare the Kasama Central Seat vacant.


Mr Chisanga said the ruling by the Speaker is consistent with Article 70 and 71of the Republican Constitution.


He however said he was not sure that the Speaker did the right thing considering that the matter between Mr. Mwamba and the PF was in court over his earlier expulsion from the party.


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  1. Stop quarrelling in public and follow the procedure when complaining. The YALI talks so loudly as if they are a government department even before they have facts. Who are you the so called YALI to command the President to call for a probe of the Speaker? If you have any complain why not report to ACC for the probe? The speaker is the lawmaker and the office knows what it is doing. Was this thing start with the Speaker or it was a point of order within Parliament that the Speaker promised to investigate that he would respond? Some of these NGOs are just noise makers like the Collision…not even knowing who they collide with. This is what I would call UN-NECESSAY NOISE. yOU THE OPPOSITION AND THE ngoS STOP MAKING NOISE. Zambia has LAZ, and many law firms where you can seek this probe and will be advised on how to start it other than making stupid statements so oudly. Remember you are not an opposition party who just go to the press and vomit anything that troubles them.


    The black woman not pink
    July 31, 2015 at 4:54 am

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