Pro-poor government fallacy

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1. They started by removing subsidies on fuel and maize we gave them a chance.

2. Then they started delaying farming inputs.

3. FRA started delaying payments for maize supplied sometimes by over 12 months.

4. Then they reduced the price for maize and banned maize exports and later asked farmers to pay deposits under the e-voucher programme without sending them credit to use and get farm inputs.

5. As the cost of living increases, they have failed to make tax cuts on the PAYE three years in a row. Despite promising lower taxes.

6. Then they started stealing social cash transfer from the poor and cheating villagers that the money came from Lungu.

7. They removed incentives for rural civil servants like teachers and nurses i.e. rural hardship allowance, as a result the rural communities continue to be under serviced and under-staffed.

8. With an under performing NAPSA they continue to pay monthly amounts as low as K75 per month to pensioners.

9. The President even has the arrogance and cruelty of telling poor Sesheke villagers that they wont see development if they vote opposition.

10. They were not done with squeezing the poor because the MP’s voted against the motion to speed up payments to retirees. The vice president even apologised for voting with the opposition.

11. The latest blow to poor is a ban of meal allowances and baseless argument against rescinding the decision by PF MPs.

Ndiye pro-poor iyi, atase!!!


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