Privatization inquiry a waste of time and resources – Opposition

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Opposition Political Parties have described as an exercise in futility plans to institute an inquiry into the privatization of national assets during the MMD era.

Green Party Leader Peter Sinkamba says the exercise will be a waste of resources and is against government’s move to undertake austerity measures.

In an interview with Phoenix News, Sinkamba said no legal action can be taken against whoever is found wanting in the privatization exercise as it is a civil case and not criminal.

And National Democratic Congress (NDC) Secretary General, Mwenya Musenge says calls by State House to open an inquiry into the privatization of public enterprises undertaken by the MMD administration are unnecessary and untimely.

In a statement, Musenge states that the probe into the sale of parastatals will not yield any results further indicating that the exercise is meant to disparage the image of a well-known opposition political figure.

He feels State House deliberately wants to dent the image and reputation of certain persons linked to the privatization of government assets, which he has termed as witch-hunt.

Meanwhile, UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema’s lawyer Gilbert Phiri has described the calls for an inquiry as ill-conceived.

Phiri says should the inquiry ever come to fruition, it will be susceptible to legal impediments and challenges.

The Lusaka lawyer says the whole idea is a waste of everyone’s time, adding the country can make better use of its time and resources.

Yesterday, Presidential Spokesperson Amos Chanda told journalists in Lusaka that State House has called for a public and judge-led inquiry into the privatization of companies where an opposition politician has been named.


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