Prisoners to be granted conjugal rights

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The Zambia Correctional Services (ZCS) is considering introduction of conjugal rights to inmates in order for them to keep connected to their spouses and family.

Commissioner General Chisela Chileshe says ZCS is also considering that prisoners may have time with their families outside the correctional facilities in order for them to bond with their families.

Dr Chileshe who was speaking in an interview with Journalists in Lusaka on Thursday, said his office is considering incorporating a law that empowers inmates with conjugal rights and access to their families.

He also said he does not support the death sentence, arguing that murdering a murderer does not solve the problem. 

“I think that is the direction. I am a proponent of conjugal rights. It’s something that people may think and have laboured to explain. This is also about an inmate meeting the family members, colleagues and so on. In the Prisons Act itself, we are given authority to even give sabbatical leave for an inmate to go out and given the ability or even the right to go and visit their family members and friends and attend to their personal issues,” Dr Mulenga explained.

“So if we have been given that power by the Act of giving somebody even leave as determined by the Commissioner General, what would not be good to provide the environment that you can receive your parents, your children and your friends to visit you and then encourage you? In that way, we are promoting relationships so that there is no suspecting on the part of an inmate as to guessing ‘what is happening to my wife, the children’ and so on.”

He also said that the introduction of conjugal rights with reduce on the fear that people are sodomised, adding that in the correctional centers, there is less reports about sexual abuse and homosexuality against what is being projected outside.

“There could be isolated cases of homosexuality in prisons. But amongst the inmates, if one is caught trying to or attempting to commit sodomy, the inmates get agitated and one may even lose his life because they don’t want to be associated with this act at all. But then there may be some cases that may not be reported, but immediately we come across such cases, punishment is given to those that may perpetrate such offences,” Dr Chileshe explained.


2 Responses to Prisoners to be granted conjugal rights

  1. This is a meaningful humane gesture by whosoever thought about it. On behalf of of the inmates, I thank the government.

    June 27, 2019 at 7:30 pm

  2. In the end, offenders shall not endure any punishment. What a society? Spare the rod
    mand spoil the child. We must then consider scrapping the Correctional Facilities all together.

    June 28, 2019 at 8:59 am

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