Presidnt HH and social media

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By Nkonkomalimba Kapumpe (1 May 2022)

The biggest challenge I see is that the older generation that grew up without internet are finding social media too much for them. They don’t really understand it fully and so they don’t know how to manage it.

The former President ECL always complained about social media in his speeches and statement .. of which we repeatedly adviced on the solution, but it fail on deaf ears.

Today it’s President HH complaining bitterly against social media whenever he has a chance, the very thing that helped him get into power.

Once goverment accepts and invests in social media all the noise will be pushed away; that is content and technology. But as long as there is a vacuum, something else will fit into that vacuum.

Goverment must move with the new trends in technology or they will always get frastruted.

If our culture is rotten let’s not cover it up but correct it, rather than covering it by shutting our mouths through prisons.

When it comes to criticizing Government,for as long as there are no insults or abuse Mr President that is our right to freedom of speech; even if our words are uncomfortable to you .

And yes communities will have different personalities that will express themselves differently.

But you must trust the citizens to judge who the clowns and jokers are, even if they have a large following.

It’s social media sir that decided who was going to be President in 2021..this is despite all the noise and jokers contributing.

Does the President even know the behaviour of most of the Upnd cadres on social media Or those known to be close to him? They run social media pages that demean and insult people? Can the President start the cleaning of this terrible behaviour in his own media team.

How come no UPND person has bein arrested against the five opposition arrested last week? If its legal to call Nakachinda lunatic then it should be legal to call anyone lunatic.

Mr President being criticized everyday is a privilege of the office; who will we talk about then? It comes with the office sir.

Surely we dont have to emphasize the importance of freedom of speech against its negative off shoots in a democracy. Once will start confirming and regulating how people should think, behave and express themselves to your standards, then we are bringing in totalitarianism.

“Because in order to be able to think, you have to risk being offensive” Jordon Peterson.

…. And at times we will make mistakes as we grow and learn ; just bare with us it’s part of growing . In fact sir if you compare our social media with other countries you would be proud of us sir; countries like USA, South Africa and even Kenya it’s bad.

Lastly , let the President avoid showing emotions (anger) towards individual citizens. The President is so powerful that it’s impossible to survive if he shows even a hint of dislike towards someone.

The entire system of goverment from secriuty, courts to business aligns it’s self to crush that individual. From the time of the speech everyone now seems to be tense in politics, that it’s impossible to debate anything with objectivity.

The atmosphere now is ” either you are against us or for us”. No please

“I consider freedom of conscience as the mother of other rights and liberties of man. For one can only speak, associate and assemble or worship freely and form parties when they are not interfered with. It is in essence the foundation of all other freedoom”

FTJ Chiluba

Much power much restraint is required. I can tell you that DPP, Bowman, Nakachinda’s and the lives of those young people arrested might never be the same.


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