“Presidential mausoleums waste of money”

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Sata’s mausoleum under construction

Social Commentator and blogger Yona Musukwa has called for a stop in building of mausoleums for presidents saying it is waste of public money.

Musukwa says these leaders should have been better buried at their farms or some fancy private grave yards.

President Mwanawasa

He was commenting on the fancy mausoleums built for late presidents – Levy Mwanawasa, Frederick Chiluba and Micheal Sata on a prime land at Embassy Park in the capital just opposite Cabinet offices.

The place is called Presidential burial Site, a National Monument and is maintained by government.

Below is Musukwa’s writeup:


Everytime I passby these fancy and very expensive presidential graves along independence Avenue, near the British Embassy, I am not impressed at all. Why are we building these fancy shrines? For what? For sure we loved our leaders but these so called mausoleums is such a waste. These people should have been buried at their farms or some fancy private grave yards. These are acts of extreme exaggerations.

These people amassed alot of wealth during their time as presidents, therefore, their families could afford to build these fancy graves at their farms or private graves. I don’t see logic in Government building these fancy graves.

We need to stop this.


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