Presidential candidates not honest with their promises – Bishop Mambo

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Former Church of God Overseer Bishop John Mambo has expressed sadness that none of the presidential candidates in the forthcoming presidential election is being honest to the Zambian people with their promises.

Bishop Mambo has observed that almost all the candidates are making unrealistic promises to the people of Zambia.

He says politicians should realize that God is watching and that they will one day be held accountable for their lies.

He says the people of Zambia are tired of being cheated by politicians; therefore politicians should be realistic with their promises.

Bishop Mambo who is also Chikondi Foundation President has also called on the church to denounce fake promises being made by politicians especially that politicians are members of the church.

He has since urged the people of Zambia to vote wisely and not make the mistake that will lead the country into a crisis. – Qfm


One Response to Presidential candidates not honest with their promises – Bishop Mambo

    About 308 election staffs in Nakonde this afternoon took the ECZ Accountant to task over the K200 which each of the staff is being paid per day which they claim was not uniform across the country. The named polling Assistant asked the accountant to clarify whether the ECZ’s rates were varying from districts to districts as other polling assistants in other districts such as Mporokoso were receiving K250 as sitting allowance plus snacks while those from Nakonde District were just being paid K200 plus snacks. She claimed to have received the information on phone from her young sister who is also training as a Polling Assistant.

    The seemingly confused accountant tried to explain to the polling staffs but failed to convince them over the variation in the rates and advised them to research widely or through emails. In confusion, the named accountant was forced to disclose that on the actual day, Polling Assistants will be paid K350 per day x 3 days = K1, 050.

    But what annoyed the 308 Election Poling Staffs more, was the statement made by one of the named local ECZ official. The local official told the Polling Staffs that those that were not happy with K200 being paid by ECZ should come out in open and quit the exercise so that a quick replacement can be made.
    This really annoyed the staffs especially teachers who demanded an apology from the officer claiming that his statement amounted to intimidation, but the officer in questions refused to be blackmailed to apologize saying his mind was up to date and maintained his earlier sentiment.
    From the information collected by the Accurate Sources, about 1369 Nakonde residents applied to be Polling Staffs in the district, but only 308 were picked as ECZ drastically reduced the number.
    Nakonde District Council is notoriously corrupt and known for nepotism and tribalism when it comes to issues to do with money. Currently nearly 90% of council workers at Nakonde Distict have been recruited as Polling Staffs leaving their offices closed for three days and 50% of those other non district council workers picked, are either children, friends, relatives, girlfriends or tribes mate to Nakonde Senoir Staff Workers. 60% of Nakonde District Council Workers are Tumbukas and one cannot be surprised to find majority of the recruited ECZ Poling Staffs coming from Muyombe, east of Muchinga Province.

    Accurate Source
    January 8, 2015 at 5:08 pm

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