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PRESIDENTIAL ADVICE: Zambians urged to take coronavirus precautions seriously

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Former President Rupiah Banda.

The country’s former President Rupiah Banda has called on fellow Zambians to take the health advice and precautions being given by health experts seriously, in the fight against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

His call come few weeks after President Edgar Lungu took a swipe at fellow citizens for not respecting the advice from health experts.

“I have gone round the city and I have seen for myself that many among us are not taking this COVID-19 seriously. I have seen multitudes patronising bars, or freely hugging and shaking hands at funerals contrary to health advice.

“Let me say this, if your lifestyle has not changed in the past few weeks, then you are doing something wrong and endangering both yourself, your neighbour and your loved ones,” said Lungu while addressing the nation on the pandemic.

Meanwhile, in a statement to the media, Banda, the former head of state said it is critical for citizens to work together, so that the country can manage to get this Coronavirus out of Zambia.

“Mankind is faced with very hard times fighting this invisible enemy called COIVID 19. It has ravaged the entire world leaving many families without their loved ones and many more who have been taken ill. This deadly enemy is now in our motherland Zambia. I am made to understand that although many get infected by this virus, the majority will recover. Let us find solace in that fact,” he said.

“Our President, His Excellency, Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu and the Government working through the ministry of health, has taken up this challenge and sounded the battle cry where each and every Zambian will be needed to fight this war. We have been educated on how to look after ourselves time and time again by our President and the Ministry of health.

“The question is; are we all as Zambians citizens and residents doing what is needed to protect ourselves and stop this deadly virus from coming into ours homes?” He said and also emphasized the need to observe social distancing.

“SOCIAL DISTANCING- this means we have to keep each other at a minimum distance of 1 meter away. I am appealing to you my fellow citizens to listen to this advice. At this point I would like to appeal to all public passenger bus operators to strictly adhere to this advice by drastically reducing numbers in the minibuses as prescribed by the authorities,” he said.

“HAND WASHING- We have all been told and taught how to wash our hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds. I note that within many places in Lusaka hand washing facilities are now provided. May I insist that you my fellow citizens use these facilities and wash your hands appropriately for a minimum of 20 seconds. For those that can afford or find hand sanitizers please use them, BUT nothing beats washing your hands appropriately.”

On wearing masks, the Fourth Republican President encouraged Zambians that wearing of masks at work and in public does help with spread of the virus. He also said it is important for people wear masks appropriately.

“WORK- we have again be advised that those that can work from home please do that and stay away from work. To the employers this is the time to use innovative ways of getting work done. To the employees that does not mean we become lazy. The economy depends on all of us doing our bit. Work hard from home and get the deadlines met and get your tasks done,” he guided.

“SCHOOLS- Our President made sure that all of the young people are protected by closing schools. I applaud His Excellency the President for this bold move. Our little ones are the future of this country. We MUST protect them. I ask the school systems also to be innovative and use the internet platforms to send out work and lectures for our children at home. We cannot afford to miss one day to educate the future of this country. I urge the parents to provide time for the children,” said the former head of state.


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