President Sata’s tribunal on judges is illegal rules Lusaka High Court

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President Sata

The Zambian Judiciary today (Thursday) demonstrated that it is independent and is not influenced by the executive or President when it ruled that the tribunal set up by President Michael Sata is illegal.
This is in a case where two suspended High Court judges, Charles Kajimanga and Nigel Mutuna were challenging President Sata’s decision to suspend them and appointing a tribunal to investigate their alleged professional misconduct.
The case generated alot of debate in the country with some section of the society and opposition political parties objecting the move saying the procedure was not followed in suspending the judges.
The highly awaited verdict was passed today by Lusaka High Court Judge Flugency Chisanga demonstrating that the Judiciary is independent, a moving some commentators had said was a test on the country governance system.
The meaning of this is that the tribunal that is to be headed by a Malawian Judge who is already in the country will have to wait alittle longer for the judicial review of the case set for May 30, 2012. The Malawian Judge is already in Zambia.
One of the suspended judges presided on a matter that involves K14billion debt Mutembo Nchito the current Director of Public Prosecution and Fred M’membe, perceived to be close friends to the president owe the Development Bank of Zambia.
There has been also growing calls for the DPP to step down.



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